Wedding Photography: The Ultimate Test of Any Photographer!

By: Roger Smiths

Sadly, those cameras were not supposed to capture sounds, but they captured moments so adorable that generations watch this beauty and past echoes again and again and remind you how memorable it was, is and will be. Your wedding may have delicious cuisines, leisure accommodation or sexiest gown or suit. Oh! How could you miss to hire a photographer in this big fat wedding!

The cute looking bride, handsome tall groom, happy little faces, tiny little moments, crowds cheering, decision making and future settling are some historic moments that a photographer won’t miss. In today’s era where wedding has become more of a show-off than actual rituals, the vacancy of honed professional having enormous experience in wedding is always empty.

“Martial arts is not just fighting, martial arts is when you eat, cook, drive; martial arts is in your everyday life”- Jackie Chan. We all do agree with Jackie Chan. Same is in the case of photography in wedding. Capturing your palms below Taj Mahal, making weird faces and taking a snapshot, clicking the best landscape or a simple family photo…everything requires the art. This art has to be applied in the wedding to produce quality and memorable photographs.

A photographer must have good links with photo editors either manually or technically. The picture needs to be refined, shaped and edited to give end user the perfect product. Apart from it, there should be linking of album as a whole.

Wedding Photography requires unique skills besides normal photography. One needs to increase their “eye sight” if you know what I mean. Some things that he should keep in mind is/are as follows:-

1. He should make bride and groom look more enthusiastic.

2. Should be handy with their cameras in any mode

3. There should be a taste of “story telling” in 1 shoot.

4. Let other people realize you are a real photographer makin some good clicks.

5. Make a style even if you are not having one. This helps to stand in front of the crowd.

6. Take your time, no need to rush. Wait for right moment in the wedding…afterall that moment is the moment everyone is waiting for!

7. Practice alone. Try to imagine bride, grooms, location, ambience etc.

8. Not only bride and grooms is important, but background too.

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