Wedding Gown Styles of the Boyish Shape

By: Joanshen

The antithesis to shapely pear or hourglass, the boyish shape has no curves to hide.
"The boyish shape is typically straight up and straight now with little to no curves in between", says Marie. "Boy-shaped women have a very small bust, a small bottom with no curves, typical of the masculine shape which is the source of this shape's name. While they may have nothing to hide, a common complaint from women with this shape is that they equally have nothing to show off."
But this is not entirely true. "Boy-shaped women tend to overlook what they do have. Not only can they eat what they like regardless of the calorie content, they are often blessed with lithe, long legs that appear to go on forever. Their shoulder area is much like the pear's with small shoulders and a well-defined bone structure."
Not only that but this type of figure is the shape du jour. Sported by super-thin supermodel Kate Moss who famously popularized the jutting bones-curve free 'heroin chic', the boy shape first regained popularity in the 90s and the weight-crazed naughtiest only saw the shape soar. "The last ten years has seen curves lose their popularity with the size zero phenomenon taking over. The celebrity culture we live in today has made women want to emulate their skinny celeb icons and an almost child-like body has become the latest shape to strive for."
Pole-like Posh popularised the rake look in the naughtier, while IT girl Nicole Richie stole her crown in the latter part of the decade, turning to skin and bone. And then there are the naturally svelte boy types. Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are two of Tinseltown's most famously attractive 'boy' girls, sporting lengthy legs and super-flat abs.
"Legs and tummy are the boy-shape's best friends", says Marie. "Women with this shape should accentuate their long legs as they are always very thin. Slim legs automatically look longer giving even small 'boys' the illusion of height, always a plus."
But mini-skirts are hardly the haute couture of bridal fashion. Or are they? "Wearing a short skirt on your wedding day is not the fashion faux pas that it used to be", says Marie. "If you're having a casual ceremony or if it's your second wedding, it's particularly fashionable to wear a more casual dress or skirt and a short skirt - not too short though - is the most obvious way to show off good legs."
But for less brave souls about to get hitched? "Wear a long, figure-hugging dress", advises Marie. "While you might think that wearing a long skirt down to your toes is only going to cover up your legs, it can actually do the opposite. Figure-hugging styles ensure that your body shape is crystal clear to onlookers."
As with the shoulder-spectacular pears, the boyish shape should accentuate their slender shoulders and slim arms by wearing little on top. "Don't hide your best bits with a veil or shawl", she says.
And like the pear again, the boy-woman is free to wear as much detail up top as she likes. "Detail on your neck area such as diamante make your bust area look bigger than it is, something the boy-shape needs."

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