Wedding Decoration Different Types Of Stages And Their Importance

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Wedding ceremonies are grand and lots of people from far away come to visit weddings thus decoration of the wedding stage is very imperative. Decorations are the most important part of the wedding ceremonies.

Different places need to be decorated, which include table and chair, wedding stage decoration, hall decoration and many other decorations. You may be inviting some of your important guests thus; decoration can put a very good impression on guests.

A good wedding puts a lifetime impact on relatives and friends who come to visit weddings. Thus it is very important to choose a grand decoration and it should also match the taste of the bride and groom because it is their day and everything should be according to them.

Importance of stage decoration
Stage decoration holds immense importance because it is a sacred place where wedding vows between groom and bride are exchanged. It is also known as mandap in Hindu tradition and marriage ceremony. Earlier these decorations were based on the traditional beliefs and rituals. Today there are several styles by which you can get your stage decorated for the big day. You can also hire wedding planners if you are confused among the styles. They will decorate your stage according to your taste. There are three different types of stage decoration which are as follows..

Contemporary style
Modern weddings like to incorporate this style into the wedding. There are amplified lights and sound systems. It also includes stars, colorful balloons, disco balls, glitters etc. today you will find many professional decorators who are perfect for this job.

Traditional style
Most of the Indian people prefer this style of stage as it has a unique aura and provides homely feeling. Different types of props are used for decoration such as Rangoli, lamps, candles, colorful drapes and flowers.

Theme based decoration

This is one of the most popular mandap. The entire wedding venue is decorated on the basis of the theme planned and it includes chair and tables, matching fabric and flowers and many other small details. Even wedding cake is the part of the decoration which is made according to the theme of the wedding.

A professional decorator today every grand wedding is decorated with the help of professional decorators or this is the job of wedding planners. It is very important that the decoration should be done according to the theme, the preference of the bride and family specific interest. There are different types of flowers and fabrics used in wedding decoration, a unique combination of fabric and lights will add beauty to entire wedding function.

Wedding is the most important day of anyone's life and it is very important that everything goes perfectly. The wedding stage decoration will play a very important role and impact on your guest. Plan a decoration according to your budget. There are some of the most talented professionals available who can provide you with the most beautiful decoration at affordable prices.

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