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By: Mel Joelle

Since it is so important to just about any internet endeavor, gaining more traffic for a webmaster is an essential goal to have. There are several things you can keep in check to insure that you are headed in the right direction, but unfortunately there is no on/off switch for web traffic. The following are some pretty simple things SEO-wise that just about anyone can do to improve their site visitor flow.

The first thing is to look at what you shouldn’t be doing, and eliminate things that actually hurt your traffic. One of those things is keyword cramming or key phrase spamming. This basically means that you are packing your pages full of keywords in an attempt to snag more people off of the search engines, but what you may not realize is that big engines like Google (for example) have a policy against this. Most of the bigger search engines will frown upon these activities, and could even ban you or penalize your sites rankings.

One other major mistake people make with SEO is in backlink farms, which are sites, made entirely of backlinks. These sites do not increase your page rank contrary to what some may think; in fact it can decrease your page rank and like the aforementioned things get you “blackballed” from search results. Most engines have a way of differentiating between real backlinks and backlink farms, so before you attempt to add your site to anything like this, make sure you are not doing something that could actually end up hurting your site.

Things that you should absolutely do are use relevant keywords and keyword phrases in the proper density, get legitimate backlinks from sites with similar content, and regularly add unique content to your site. Doing these things will increase traffic over time, and will have you holding your own against the thousands of other well-placed pages out there.

Be careful for scams and big promises from SEO packages that claim to get you an amazing amount of traffic in a fast amount of time. More often than not, these are just ploys to get your money and leave you with no more traffic than what you began with. These packages are also quite costly, but fortunately their big claims and overstated promises make them easy to spot.

The thing in SEO that gets overlooked the most out of everything else is content, yet it is the most important part of the process. Content alone does not necessarily mean anything, but good unique content that is regularly updated is the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal. Original content drives the internet, so if you are able to add content that is unique to your site only, and update that content at regular intervals then your visitors have a reason to visit your site repeatedly.

The major search engines will also factor this in when they are calculating their rankings, and sites with the most updated original content will be listed higher up than other sites. These are some basic things that anyone can implement to stay competitive in today’s online competition.

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