Website Traffic Analysis

By: Mel Joelle

If your running your own website then you know for a fact that it is just as challenging as running a fully fledged business. Running a business takes one important thing: knowing your customer area, meaning who your customers are, how old they are, where they live and many other factors that may help you gain more revenue in your website. There are many ways to take an analysis of your customers on your website. These can include using counters or trackers to using web traffic analysis software.

One of the easiest tools to use for your website is just an average website counter. These are used by beginning website owners because it makes everything very simple. It tells you how many people have visited your website as a total, yearly, monthly, daily, or however many times you need it divided. This will help you decide what hours or days of the week are your more busy times. It will help you decide whether your website is making progress by gaining new visitors and it will let you know when there is a decrease in viewers indicating that it is time for a change.

Another common tool for website viewer analysis is a tracker. A tracker is a piece of software that keeps track of what pages of your website that are more commonly used and viewed. It will display the percentage of changes in the views showing what pages are the hottest trends to read so you can focus on maintaining it. A tracker is another beginner tool that is easy to use and many websites are known for using on a daily basis.

There is also web traffic analysis software which is a more advanced form of tracking viewers. There are hundreds of types but a very common one is the webalizer program which is a free form of website analysis that keeps track of viewers from yearly to hourly statistics. It will also supply information such as what country the viewer is from, and it will show how the viewer found the website (via. Google, bing, advertisement). But if you are willing to pay money for quality software then you will want web trends for your website. It may have a $495 price tag but it it more than worth it displaying detailed information about every one of your viewers, such as city and state, time that they viewed, what pages they viewed and many other facts that will help you make your website boom to the next level. All of this information will be displayed on multicolor detailed graphs that will make viewing it an ease. In conclusion there are many ways that you can track how your website is doing and how you can make improvements to make it more popular. But as always you will get what you pay for so if you are willing to put some money into upgrading how you do business online then you will get every penny back easily.

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