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By: Mel Joelle

One of the key aspects of having a good internet presence is website ranking. In order for anyone to gain exposure online, they will need to have the highest website ranking possible. There are many ways to increase and improve a website ranking including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, link exchanges and using social media.

One of the first way to improve on the website ranking is by using search engine optimization. When an individual or business uses search engine optimization they are performing certain tasks in order to boost their site’s ranking in the search engines. This typically consists of using keywords and phrases that pertain to the site’s content. The keywords are simply words that are used to describe the site content and direct people to the particular website when they search for specific content. Phrases are also known as meta tags and they are simply small groupings of two or three words that provide the same thing as individual keywords.

Another way of improving a website ranking is to use pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising is a process in which a website owner pays for immediate exposure in the search engines. The website owner uses this as a form of advertising in order to get to the top of the search engines and hopefully drive in more traffic. When someone clicks on the site, the owner of the site pays a certain amount per click. If things go well enough the site owner will increase revenues and sales.

Using link exchanges is another way of getting a better website ranking. Link exchanges are when a site owner lists their site link on another website and the other site owner returns the favor. This can help gain more exposure and improve the website ranking by having the site listed on multiple web portals.

Social media, blogging and offline marketing such as business card distribution and direct mail can also help increase the website ranking. Social media is when a business or individual goes on various sites and writes various statements about topics related to their site’s content. They also list their site link to allow viewers to get more information. This can help gain exposure and get more website visitors. Blogging is a process where a person or business will write short statements on various blog sites and hopefully get more exposure with these enticing statements. Using business cards and direct mail will often have the site link listed and enough recipients will be able to know the site address and visit it.

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