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Small to Medium size Businesses as well as Large Scale Enterprises are looking at business expansion at a fast pace, well the World Wide Web does that seamlessly, the only thing you need is a website that is simple, well designed and usable. Having said that, where do you store your website, this is where web servers or web hosting comes in takes charge of your business.

You cannot host a website on a personal computer or a laptop, so it has to be stored on a central repository device that stays online and active round the clock. Those repositories or devices are called web servers and the process of storing the files on the web is called web hosting. Hosting your data or a website on the web makes its visible globally, in-turn generating greater revenue and Return on Investment for the business. A website comprises of text, images, and other media, for people to see and explore, buying space on a web server is called web hosting.

Servers may store data on the cloud, virtually or in a dedicated manner, in terms of shared hosting a client has to store data on a physical server that is partitioned to store multiple data or websites. In this case the resources are shared on that machine and this could lead to slow response times and downtime, if there is another website/websites with high traffic. If people have to consider hosting data on servers then they have to consider what their business requirements are and what a web host can offer them.

Let us consider a few features clients should look out for whilst looking for web hosts or web hosting solutions, it includes disk space- this is the amount of data that is required to store your data or website, bandwidth deals with data transfer of your website, greater the bandwidth, greater the website speed. Uptime is the amount of time the server stays online in a year, this could impact your data or site drastically if the server downtime is more and there are other features as well.

Talking about hosted exchange, an exchange server is a mail server that can handle thousands of e-mail accounts. As communication between stakeholders, clients and employees is crucial, email is a very crucial part for businesses to garner value and increase productivity. There is a big difference between hosted exchange and on-premise exchange, both have their merits and demerits, but hosted exchange wins over clearly, hosted exchange delivers guaranteed availability, greater uptime, greater security, Reduce total cost of ownership, fast scalability, easy deployment, accessibility on the fly, etc.

Finding a hosted exchange provider for your business can be quite a task in itself, thorough research has to be done to find a trustworthy hosted exchange provider who delivers the best services in terms of performance and delivers rock solid SLA plan. Before hiring a hosted exchange provider a few questions have to be answered in terms of present user support, SLA provisions, customer testimonials, other services provided, migration tools and much more.

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UAE is growing at a fast pace, as new businesses are coming up in all its emirates, this has led to more the requirement of greater Web Hosting in UAE, on a wider note SMB's and large organizations have come up in the Middle East as well, leading to greater communication with Hosted Exchange in the Middle East.

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