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By: Darlington Berke

Supplemental merchandise is one of the best kept secrets every Internet Marketer knows about. Basically, you sell this merchandise with your other products. Bloggers earn their money with this type of selling. To help support their blog, and themselves, they make bags, mugs, and T-shirts for sale on their site. Internet Marketers often use this to help sell more of their primary products - they'll create supplemental materials that they'll sell or give away as 'bonus' materials. You need to do more than create products. You need to sell the products! Moving merchandise, and making a profit, is what we will now discuss in this article to help you succeed online.

Offer a discount to people who spend a certain amount of money on your merchandise. If, for example, they have a shopping cart of fifty dollars worth of merchandise, offer them a promo code that gives them five dollars or twenty percent off. You might want to choose $100. The amount is totally your call.

The amount of the actual discount is at your discretion. This is often what will cause people to order that one extra item that helps them reach the minimum threshold and, in turn, earns them a discount. All of us have been guilty of trying to reach the minimum amount to qualify for the discount with our promo code. Do you have more than one kind of merchandise for sale? You might be selling clothing or crafts. Create a sale that only applies to a certain type of merchandise, one of your specialties. You can do what many retail stores do and put products on sale that haven't been selling as fast as you'd like. If some of your products haven't been appreciated or noticed by your customers, this is a way to point them out. Since the price on one category is so low, they will feel incentivized to shop in the other categories. This can multiply your profits!

Call attention to one product by discounting it. Naturally, this implies you have at least several products for sale on your site. For anyone who carries several, or a large number of products, a low price on one can cause customers to purchase many items at once. It's a proven principle that when someone saves on one item, they are then more likely to buy others right afterwards. This works everywhere, from small retail shops to malls to websites. If you want to sell more items that aren't discounted, offer something at a huge discount, such as half off, or maybe a 2 for 1 special. The strategies discussed in this article will help you make more money online as you move product and make sales. Almost every Internet Marketer has supplemental merchandise that can be sold with other products to make more cash. These strategies will help you get going. You should be able to come up with even more ideas, using these as a foundation, to boost your income even higher using creativity and hard work. Get going! Get moving and start making money today!

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