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The Company which provides you the hosting service is called the Web-Host. Web-hosting is the internet service that used to store the data on particular web-hosting company. Web-hosting is the process through which one can build the websites or use the storage space over the server. Web-servers lease their storage space to host the data or websites. Typically every web-hosting company comes with plans that contain their conditions, hosting options, connectivity, Technical Help etc. Every Web-site is identified by its domain name (example sony.com). Actually this domain name is tied with the IP address of the Computer which stores this website; this is the IP address of your Web-Host. Creating Web site to its appearance on the web, whole process works like this, website owner signup on web-host Company. It is considered that web site owner pays for hosting space and adopted a suitable plan .Web-host register for the Domain Name of website, Configure the domain name and attaches to the IP adders to the server. This will be the name of Web-Site. When a Domain Name is get register to the Large DNS Service. After website owner finish with his work on the website host start publish the website online. Thatís it. Owner or anyone in the world can see the Website online.
Some Web-Host provides special hosting over data type such as E-Mail hosting, Image Hosting, File Hosting, Database Hosting etc. Now in details;
E-mail Hosting = Hosting Solution will provide you the mail accounts ([email protected]). This type of hosting deal only with storing and processing the mail. This service used by the organization Blog Forums, comment sites etc.
Image Hosting = web host are allowed to store the Images only. Any other data could not be store on Host.
Database Hosting = web host provides to store the databases only. Such a service used by Email Companies, Large organizations etc.
After that a Hosting Services can be classified into their type of hosting such as given below;
Free Hosting = Host provides free space to save your data, blogging sites is an example of it.
Shared Hosting = many web site share the same memory space of the server i.e. many website share same resources of the server. This can range up to thousands of websites on same server.
Dedicated Hosting = this hosting is commercial and generally used for large scale Industries such as Microsoft.com, YouTube, Yahoo etc.
Collocation Hosting = Collocation means "co-location", gives web site owner the illusion that he has server in his home.
It is recommended to check and verify the host before mounting data on it. Some points that worth consideration here are,
Reliability and speed of access = host should be fast and reliable.

Data Transfer = the amount of data that can process by our website on server. It should be as near as Host Commenting.

Disk space = Host Provides the Unlimited Disk plans. Choose wisely. If you not need it donít take it.

Technical support = the main aspects of hosting. Is any problem occurs at any times it should be eliminated immediately if host Guarantees that.

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