Web Conferencing - What Is It?

By: JA Tamper

What's Web Conferencing? Some years back, folks having conversations and conferences while they are in different locations means having the conversation over the phone.
But today, folks can communicate, even conduct live meetings and shows even if they are half a world away.
This technology is called web conferencing. With a web conferencing solution, participators can share audio, video, content or fusion of these in real time. This enables people to attend conferences or shows when they won't attend them physically. Is also enables us to save cash on the expenses related to high bandwidth. You can meet whenever from wherever, so long as you've a private PC / portable and net access. Since web conferencing allows users to have business conferences, trainings and conduct shows and demonstration, it's an obligation that attendees have high-speed internet connection. Presiding over a session can be passed among the users or the attendees, so that another user can act as the presenter or demonstrator. Some web conferencing solutions or providers include many features in their systems like texting, VoIP ( voice over internet protocol ) and full- motion video. Audio streaming was also added as an extra feature since web conferencing started in the early 1990s. With audio streaming, attendees can hear the audio as they view the displays. The leaders can entertain live questions or conduct answer sessions. Attendees can send personal messages to the leader, who can answer trough non-public messages or may publish the message so that the complete team or attendees can view the message.
There are attendance rosters which permit the leader and the attendees to view who is present in the meeting. Recording allows for the synching voice and visuals into an everlasting record which can be shared with others on a later date. Whiteboard also allows the leader or the attendees to spotlight items in the show or can be employed to make notes. There also are tools for polls and surveys, permitting the leader to raise questions with multiple decisions addressed to the attendees. With screen sharing or desktop sharing partakers can view the screen or whatever is on the screen of the leader.
Some screen sharing applications also permit remote desktop control meaning partakers can assume control or manipulate the leader's desktop or screen. Naturally, there is a web conferencing solution that provides these services of different basis.
A web conferencing solution may require a nominal regular charge while others may charge for each time the software was employed. Readying up your PC or your private stuff to be used with web conferencing is truly not that advanced. New PCs routinely would have installed software in them that is required for it, if none, the installation process is comparatively simple to do. A web conferencing solution provides a way and location for short and easy business related exchanges like conferences, demonstrations, orientation or product roll-outs.
Web conferencing gave the opportunity for us to have non- physical communication for business conferences and affairs.

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