Web 2.0 Ė The New Version Of Web Is Here!

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Web 2.0 is the new version of the web. Till now, Web 1.0 was in vogue. In this, writers developed web pages for readers. Visitors could access information directly from the source. As time went by, the number of writers increased. Suddenly, everybody wanted to create content and get published on the web. It became a trend. This led to an overload of information. Soon, personal publishing entered mainstream and made Web 1.0 obsolete.

Itís now Web 2.0. Here, the information is fragmented into ďmicrocontentĒ units and is spread over many domains. Now, itís no longer web of documents, its web of data. When someone wants information on a topic, he or she has a wide range of sources or interfaces to get information. They can mix ní match and use it in beneficial ways. These interfaces are all set to bring a revolution in web designing and social networking.

Wonders Of New Web Version

The proof of the wonders of Web 2.0 is apparent in search engines, RSS aggregators, portals, web services (here you can access data through SOAP, XML-RPC, and other tools), and Application Programming Interfaces (they give hooks to data). Another example of advanced interface is Google Maps (beta). It has the same functionality as that of other high quality services. There are many websites, one of them being http://clipmarks.com/clipper/myestuff/, that have become the favorite of web browsers for their personal, social, and business functionality. The new web version has changed the way data is created, stored, and accessed. Now, it hardly matters where the content comes from. What matters is whether it is useful or not.

Web 2.0 is referred to as the platform on the internet for content. Say, a group of content comes from different sources like businesses, individuals, and the government. Itís possible to develop an interface that can integrate all the information in a way that has never been done before. Clipmarks.com is one example where you can find a combination of information that can be segregated with other information to create more useful data.

Themes Of Web 2.0

There are 6 themes that cover the design in this new version of web:

1. Web services
2. Semantic makeup
3. Remixing of content
4. Addition of metadata with time
5. Switching over to programming
6. Emerging relevance and navigation

Indeed, Web 2.0 has altered social, personal, and business usage online. The biggest impact has been on the web designers. In fact, itís like a challenge to them, as now; they would have to polish their technical skills even more. They will have to consider content as an amalgamated unit, and not an isolated one.

So, all those waiting to become web masters, get ready to refine your technical know-how for a completely new outlook of the web. Now, youíre in a world thatís connected with a vast network and every link has a combination of data to be used in various creative ways. Itís Web 2.0 for you.

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Web 2.0 known as a second generation of web designing and development. Learn more about the concepts of web 2.0 at clipmarks.com

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