Wealth Secrets 101 - 5 Goal-Setting Keys to a Wealthier Life

By: RaymondAaron

1. Set strategic goals. Strategic goals are those broad, long-term goals in our life, such as, "I want to buy a new house for my family by 2011," or "I want to become a full partner by the end of next year." They are the wealth secrets that everybody knows about on the front-end, but that few know about to the very core.

Strategic goals are important because they represent not only where we want to be in the future, but where we think we are now and how worthy we feel as individuals. Strategic goals are also important because they very much determine where we will end up in the future!

2. Set tactical goals to achieve those strategic goals. These are the short-term goals along the way that support the strategic long-term goals. Mixing these goals together is one of the greatest wealth secrets you can ever learn.

In our examples above, the tactical goals might include, "fix my credit," "increase my income by 25%", and "start getting to know my local real estate agents" for supporting the strategic goal of buying a new house.

Every larger goal becomes much easier to reach when you break it down into smaller goals. And even the tactical goals given above can be broken down into even smaller, shorter term goals. You should also take the time and effort to

3. Set annual goals--both strategic and tactical. These are for the most part strategic goals, although they could be tactical goals as well when you are dealing with large, very long-term objectives.

It's important to have things that you want to achieve every year. A year is long enough that you can make some substantial strides in your life, yet not so long that you seem to take forever to get there.

4. Make annual reviews of your goals. No one's life ever stays the same (and we get bored if our lives did?). That's why it's important to re-evaluate your goals every year and make sure they are still appropriate to the life you are living.

You may discover, for instance, that you have reached one or more of your objectives without even realizing it! You may laugh now, but it happens all the time. And it's always very gratifying when it happens.

5. Write your goals down as though you have already achieved them. When you do this, you fool your subconscious into thinking you really have already done what you wanted to do. This makes it easier to accomplish your goal a "second" time.

This is one of the best wealth secrets I know. It's a way to counteract the "fear if success" that sounds so illogical to so many people.

Fear of success simply stems from being afraid of how the world will change once we reach a new plateau. If you write down your goals as though they already happened, you'll trick your mind into thinking you're already there.

It will notice that you are still comfortable and that the world hasnít fallen apart, so it sees no reason to stop you from hitting that goal "again". This trick is truly one of the greatest wealth secrets you can ever take advantage of!

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