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By: Breyfogle Katzer

If you've had any regard to ever working your own work at home business, you grasp there are only two distinct wealth building ways to go about it. First, you can design and designate your own invention or company, and promote it. Or, if you're like nearly all people, choose the second option, and invest in a ready-built, wealth building internet businesssystem that already has a profitable product to develop. Both ways have surely helped people succeed financially online. But just for fun, take a look at the hoops you'd have to leap through if you chose wealth building method numero uno.

First Wealth Building System Is Precisely For The DIYer

To begin, you're going to have to give some thinking to all the considerations involved in just getting a new online business set-up. There is a bit-by-bit process in getting up and running online, and if you're not a mechanical hands-on type, it may be a daunting job or chore right from the start. In fact, this could be the opposite of a wealth building chance, with a lot of frustration to boot.

In a summation, the first thing you're going to need is a product in demand, which won't be a headache if you own your own business and already have something to sell. However, this is your last easy step, because then the challenges start. You'll need to think up and build a website, which will need content, pictures and videos to help advertise your product online. Next, you'll need to decide on and cough up for a domain name for your site, and then pay the hosting fees for your site. An order page needs to be drawn up, as well as a merchant account, so that you can peddle your product, but take care of the financial side, too. And remember order tracking and setting up your user data base and offering product service through email and an eight hundred number. Toss in the legal fees to legally set-up shop and you'll be close to being half-way through this patience testing internet wealth building system!

Now for the second half. You're going to have to promote your wealth building site, because you need traffic to see what you're selling, so that you can commute some of those visitations to sales. Bear in mind, it doesn't matter how excellent your new website appears, works and functions if no-one sees it. All told, you're going to be investing thousands and thousands of dollars to build your own online presence and your own advertising. And of course, there's no surety of success in anything, right? So you may win big and succeed, or you may lose your whole investment. This wealth building way is always precarious.

Wealth Building System #2 and a Suggestion: Empower Network

So we spiral back to the second wealth building way, which is investing a period of time and some bucks into a ready-built and flourishing online business. And after seeing the litany of hoop jumps demanded in the first way, you can easily understand why most people that work the net choose the second method.

It's just easier to succeed with a proven system, and a reliable product, without having to hand out the big investment money. The Empower Network is just such a wealth building opportunity, because they offer you and me the chance to lock arms with them, learn their system and market their products, all on a monetized blog with your name on it. When you join, your blog get's coded to you, so when you sell an Empower Network product, you earn a 100% commission. (EN has shelled out out over fifty million in commissions in twenty months!) This system works.

And instead of using your time and bucks and putting it into a new online internet businessventure (which could realistically cost at least $35K to set up right), you can have your own monetized blog for twenty five bucks a month. There is a monthly merchant account fee you can choose if you wish for nineteen bucks, to take care of your website transactions, but that's all. $25 a month, even $44 dollars a month is a thrifty way to open the doors of your very own online business, with a legit wealth building brand like the Empower Network.

If you're looking to join an honest and effective online wealth building megacorp, give your strong consideration to Empower Network. By all means, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I enjoy my experience with this EN community, and have no hesitations at all endorsing the wealth building capabilities of the Empower Network.

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