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By: Vikram Kuamr

You can change how your home looks by having upholstery on your furniture. It is an effective way to change the ambience of a house. We have been in the business of window treatments for quite some time now, and we have become skillful in transforming a normal home into a place where you and your family can enjoy the view. Our company has state of the art drapery and blinds, which can fit, well into any type of house. For those who want unique designs, we have custom drapery designs. We have brilliant interior designers who are professionals in this field. We are also involved in repairing worn-out upholstery. Old furniture in your house that you think is useless can turn into something beautiful once we finish working on it.

The Various Types of Upholstery you can get.

There two main types of upholstery fabrics we offer, they include natural and synthetic fabric.

Natural fabric
This type of fabric is gotten from natural resources from plants and animals. It comprises of several types.
It has a lot of resistance to wrinkling and fading. It lasts for a long time and blending with other fabrics to prevent felting of the fibers. If you want the upholstery on your furniture to last a long time, it is better if you use wool fabric.

Cotton has a natural resistant to wear and fading. The durability of cotton heavily depends on the finishing of the upholstery. However, cotton is susceptible to fire and wrinkling. The fabric has a soft feel to human touch.

This is the most expensive fabric available and deserves to be so because it was tough. Cleaning it is not a problem, you can vacuum, damp wipe or use a saddle soap to clean it. This is the right type of upholstery if you have small kids in the house. It will be easy for you to clean up the mess.

This is a delicate type of fabric. It is better used in rooms that is used by adults only. Kids are playful, will mess with the fabric, and will end up spoiling your furniture upholstery.

Synthetic Fabrics
They are manufactured in factories, and the main purpose is to try to get the quality of natural fabrics without its flaws.

It is most efficient while blending with other fabrics and that is mostly because it is one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. It resilient and eliminates crushing of napped fabrics. Put in a room where children visit frequently.
This is an imitation of the wool. It is resistant to wrinkling and shrinking and does not fade. We have high-quality acrylic in our stores.

This fabric has characteristics close to silk. The main difference is that it can withstand pilling and shrinking. However, too much exposure to the sun will have the fabric wrinkling and fading. It is a good choice for furniture that is used occasionally.

This type of upholstery fabrics most of the time is blended with others to enhance its abilities to resist wrinkling and eliminate crushing of napped fabrics. Polyester plays a part in reducing the rate of fading of a material.

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You can get any type of Upholstery fabrics you want. We all want the same thing and that is your furniture to look good and www.ec-interiors.com/service upholstery Chicago can do that for you.

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