Ways to run a green business

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

This does not only involve our home but also implies to our offices, or any business, which we are doing. In fact, many businesses have taken the initiative also, as they realized that being aware of the social responsibilities many employees have shown a strong aspiration to reduce their environmental footprints.

In business, a number of things are done to implement environmentally sound practices. These includes use of recycled cloth bags, use of energy saving devices, and even in some businesses, special seminars are organized for the employees to make them aware of this practice.

To be a part of this green movement, we have to take some steps as well. Whether you have a small business or a larger one, you and your employees can always play a vital role to protect our mother earth. This can be done by following very simple things at the office, which generally many of us do not even notice, and if noticed, then not many of us give it importance. To ingrain this in your business, first the boss has to set an example in front of employees and secondly for change to be effective it is very important that these practices are easy to understand and implement.

The very first way to make your business green is to embed the theory of recycling, reusing and reducing in your work culture. This does not require any investment at large magnitude and also following these three Rs can help in reducing the carbon print of your office to a great extent, in a simple and cost effective way.

The next thing to be a part of this movement is to switch off the lights. As your employees work in the cubicles, so you cannot turn off the lights and even lobby is used by everyone all the time that is why you cannot switch off lights. But think precisely, there are a number of other places in your office which do not need light all the time, for example bathrooms, break room, conference room etc.

A number of people have a habit of taking print out of each and every mail and putting it in a file, but ideally it is a waste of paper. Instead of this, you should try to keep all your emails in your computer system. You can make different folders with appropriate headings, so that next time you do not have to haul over the whole file and you can simply open the appropriate folder to check it.

Replacing the monitor of your computer with energy efficient screen is also a very good option. This not only helps in protecting the environment but will also play a vital role in decreasing your electricity bills to a great extent.

So, from today start with a very small step and you will definitely feel motivated by the thought of doing something good for your environment and your business. Once you go through this feeling, then you can take your green business to new heights, by taking care of our environment at the same time.

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