Ways to Prevent Addiction Relapse

By: Alan Meyers

Preventing relapse is one of the most important aspects in any recovery. Whether you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, or other psycho-emotional disorders, you may find that you are living day by day with the fear of relapse. However, living in fear greatly hampers your recovery and sobriety and is not necessary. The following paragraphs will address ways to prevent relapse and show how you can live a happy, healthy life, without fear and without relapse.

One of the first and most common ways to prevent relapse is to surround yourself with people who are uplifting and able to support you on your journey to recovery. This may include attending support groups or attaining ongoing counseling. Some people find that by being connected in an environment that holds them accountable for their actions and encourages the individual throughout the struggles that they face is highly beneficial.

On the other hand, some professionals and people who have previously relapsed ask themselves "if the usual relapse prevention techniques work, then why do so many people suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse and mental health disorders relapse?"

Another method that has proven beneficial in select treatment programs in preventing relapse is alcohol and drug relapse prevention kits that rely on changing one's perception as a means of therapy. Kits like this are based on the theory that perception shapes behaviors. Through the use of relapse prevention kits, one is lead through the process that examines perceptions based on a variety of influencers.

Some of the best substance abuse and psycho-emotional relapse prevention kits look at the mind to uncover possible situations that cause changes in perception and thinking and detect the root cause of the problem through psychotherapy. Relapse prevention kits and treatment facilities can also encourage structured physical fitness and healthful eating habits to promote feelings of health, strength, and self-worth. Additionally, introducing spiritual practices to assist one in opening the mind up to possibilities, practicing focus and clarity, and acceptance in terms of "self" are highly effective. Lastly, applying various methods such as design psychology and Feng Shui to heal the environment in which one lives as part of the essential combination of therapy techniques necessary to promote the most effective, long-term healing. By looking at all these factors one can gain a better understanding to how those perceptions produce your thinking. The awareness you will gain about changing your thinking will assist you in making better choices, which will in turn help you to improve your life.

One reason that this method of preventing relapse is viewed as particularly beneficial is that it encompasses the whole person and gets to the root of the issues rather than simply relying on will power as other substance abuse and mental health treatment programs often do. Because substance abuse and psycho-emotional relapse prevention kits utilize several methods to reduce relapse such as positive affirmations, meditation, and journaling, and can be done throughout the treatment program as well as once the individual is back home, it creates a balanced self-help program that does not rely solely on the support of others or will power-although those are both keys to success and relapse prevention.

Journaling is another very powerful way to prevent relapse. It is a purposeful tool that allows you to freely express yourself and just be with your thoughts. Your words expressed, without judgment or censor, will provide you with insight on your path to "self" discovery.

Regardless of the relapse prevention and recovery method chosen, it is important to find a method that is easy-to-use, incorporates psychotherapeutic techniques, and offers education, guidance, and self-help techniques that have been researched and studied as to their effectiveness in preventing relapse and aiding in successful recovery and healing.

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