Ways to Negotiate with Insurance Claims Adjuster Effectively

By: Sheila Byron

For example, you were hit by a car on the way home. You begin to collect all the possible facts. The next day, someone comes and presents himself as an adjuster. Still in pain as a result of the accident, you can't concentrate but you know you should do well in front of him. How? Here are methods to negotiate with insurance claims adjuster effectively:

1. Soon as you are set to meet with an insurance claims adjuster, make sure that you are equipped with all the papers that will support your statement. These may include medical bills, doctor’s diagnosis and treatment program, repair estimates for your car and proof of lost pay. Provide the adjuster copies of all the necessary paperwork.

2. Work with an adjuster with courtesy. Listen to his account even if you do not appear to like what he is telling. You may get something from it. For one, he may mention some aspects to your claim that you forget to think about.

3. Adjusters follow settlement tactics. Do not get threatened easily. This is among the ways to negotiate with insurance claims adjuster. As much as you can, you want to keep your composure; speak with calm and politeness during the interview. Do not consider a settlement quickly, especially if you know that the amount does not match your previous, present and future expenses. Relate to the person your demands with clarity.

4. Some adjusters may get in touch with you with friendliness. Beware; do not be easily swayed. Keep in mind that they are trained to perform investigation and deal with individuals in such a way that they will feel they are valued by the company. More important, you should take note that they are compensated by their respective insurance firms.

5. If you think that the adjuster is not keen on supplying you with a fair settlement, you may say that you are considering of going to the Department of Insurance in your state. See how the person in front of you will react. This may get a new direction of the negotiation. If not, tell him that you will call a personal injury lawyer in Arizona. This may confirm that you will not accept any offer that is far from what you demand.

6. Never give your statement about the accident to anyone, particularly to individuals you do not know. It may be taken against you. If someone else calls from the insurance provider and likes to get your statement, do not say anything other than you will prefer to meet the adjuster. Similarly, never sign any paper - not until it is all totally settled. It is for that reason some victims or affected persons want to hire a lawyer.

Do not get disappointed if the negotiation is not productive at first meeting. It is just normal. You don't want to end the settlement with what you feel is an unjust compensation for your car accident injuries, certainly. Patience is a vital key in winning your case, plus understanding the ways to negotiate with insurance claims adjuster.

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