Ways to Make Shipping Easier

By: Richard Taylor

Shipping seems complicated and costly for many. Large corporations and business get discounts for volume shipping. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, however, shipping can be expensive. It is shipping is a big load of concern, and finding solutions would be very helpful in reducing cost and making the process faster and less troublesome. Today, shipping can be quite expensive if you don't know your way around it. With some simple steps, you can reduce your cost by half and enjoy good returns than bulky expenses.

Here are some ways to make shipping easier for you:

Always find alternatives. If you think your old shipping process is costing you more, consider other alternatives. For example, if you are fully getting your shipping services from FedEx, then getting other carriers for a portion of your shipping needs might just cut your costs in half. You can also use comparison tools and websites like Ship2anywhere. Nowadays you can rate shop and choose the carrier with cheaper shipping rates. You can specify your package and transport details and the comparison websites can show you a list of carriers as options. You can then get the info faster without having to check different carrier websites, request a quote, and calculate shipping costs each time.

Do you really need express air delivery?

If just a small percentage of the items you are shipping need to be delivered as soon as possible, then choose express air delivery for that particular item alone rather than pay more for other items that can be delivered at a later time. Most often than not, there are shipping options you can choose based on urgency and cost. Overnight or 1-2 days shipping is, of course, more expensive than parcel post that would take about 8 days at the most. Know the difference between express mail, priority mail, first-class, parcel post and media mail, and the minimum/maximum weight for each service. You can then make certain adjustments to your shipping needs to get as much cost savings as possible.

Use Your Carrier's Packaging

Making use of the boxes and packaging provided by your carrier can prevent you from going beyond the limit in dimensions. Of course, additional dimensional fees or charges for exceeding the size regulations of a particular carrier will cost you extra. That's what you can easily avoid in the process by taking advantage of boxes and packages they can provide.

Prepaid Shipping

Pay for shipping costs in advance like credits you add to your account that you can use later on. Prepaid shipping is less expensive, and you can just use these credits when you finally ship your goods. However, this will only work if you know the weight and dimensions of your goods beforehand so you can pay the appropriate shipping costs. If you have the same goods you ship on a regular basis, you can take advantage of lower cost of prepaid shipping.

Never be Afraid to Ask for Discounts

Negotiate for better rates and discounts and ask for advice on how you can properly manage this aspect of your business. Many carriers would provide sound advice and give you options to lower your overall shipping cost. Contact a representative for inquiries. You might just get discounts and lower your costs by just inquiring and asking for assistance.

Always be on the lookout for better ways you can ship your goods and be proactive in finding solutions that can help you business lower its expenses so you can gain more revenue and success.

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Richard Taylor has been a customs broker for an international freight services company for over 6 years. Many of his clients rely on his knowledge of freight forwarding and courier systems. He's also built a strong network of business associates over the years. Find international and New Zealand courier at Ship2anywhere for your shipping needs.

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