Ways to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers

By: Anton Filin

It’s not at all easy to hire dedicated PHP programmers unless you know where and how to find them. Whether you need to fix, update or enhance your website you naturally want the job done quick and right. Here are some tips that will help you choose a good PHP developer or coder.
• First of all you need to compile a list of what you wish to achieve with the project. Write down all the things that you want your visitors to see and to do once they’ve come to you website. It is equally important both to have a clear idea of the task and be able to convey that to the programmer so that you have one and the same picture in mind. People are vey often dissatisfied with the results of the work simply because they failed to provide an understandable picture of what they wanted to get. It is critical that you mention everything during the preliminary discussion of the project since it’s not always possible to add the desired changes once the work has started. Amending a project in progress it will take more time and money.
• If you want to hire dedicated PHP programmers it is highly recommended that you ask to see some of the programmers’ previous projects. They will generally provide you with a part of code or a link to a website they’ve worked on. If it is a link, enquire as to what part exactly the programmer created. Sometimes people tend to claim that they’ve built the entire website from scratch, when all they actually did was just the mailing system. Don’t contract programmers who are unwilling to show you examples of their past work.
• It is also important to discuss the deadlines and expected completion dates. If someone claims to be able to do the work twice as fast as everyone else does, ask how they are going to do it and what’s so special about their methods and skills. Don’t presume that they either can or can’t do it without inquiring first. May be the programmer is really fast and talented or may be the time frame was exaggerated on purpose just to win the contract.
• The best way to hire dedicated PHP programmers is not to fall for the cheapest quotes. The price should not be the sole decisive factor. There may be several reasons why programmers will offer to take up complicated projects for an extremely low pay. They may be building a portfolio for future career. In that case they will certainly want to achieve good results since the success of their personal profile largely depends on their performance record. They may don’t really understand the complexity of the work or they may be just trying to tempt you with low price and will try to increase it later.
Of course there’s no guarantee that you will by all means hire dedicated PHP programmers, but if you follow these guidelines, you have all the chances to find the right people.

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