Ways to Have More Vemma Prosperity

By: James Hicks

Many new distributors are signing up to join the Vemma business opportunity, but there are many who are not making much money, and really this should not be the case.

Below are some tips that will help you to prosper with your Vemma home business.

1) Make a decision to stay at it for at least 1 year. Often if new recruits don't get any success with a company they will ditch the business and move onto another deal, thinking that it's the products that are at fault. Many times this is not correct. The only route to prosperity with Vemma is by developing your marketing and sponsoring skills. It will depend on your individual capabilities and the training that you receive but realistically expect 2-4 months learning time.

2) Remain totally focused on the activities that will actually develop your business. With Vemma you will make money from ONLY 3 things...marketing the opportunity, marketing the products and leading your team to take action. You must give only these 3 aspects attention when you are in the early stages of building your business. If you feel there are other areas that you need to work on, then you are better off paying someone else to do it or, shelving it until your business has gained that much needed momentum.

3) Understand the importance of Attraction Marketing. Many opportunity seekers are looking for a leader rather than a company. We all want to work with someone that knows what they are doing, and can show us the route to success. You might be surprised, but often the company doesn't matter, if a prospects finds an awesome leader (you) then they will join you regardless of the company you are involved with.

4) Make sure you discover how to market in a professional way and utilise today's technologies. The standard training from Vemma teaches new team members to build their business the 'old school' way. Cold calling, calling friends & family, prospecting strangers are commonly regarded today as 'old school'. Whilst these methods do still work, they will only work for a particular type of person. There is an alarmingly high failure rate for those only using this way of marketing. Most of the top producers in Vemma have latched on to the incredible power that the internet offers to build an MLM business. By learning some critical online marketing strategies you too can be enjoying an endless flow of leads and regular sponsoring into your Vemma business.

5) Duplication of success in your downline is essential if you intend to build any form of residual income, so you should have a system that your new recruits can plug straight into. The major reason for poor retention rates in network marketing is simply that new recruits don't make money quick enough, so they end up quitting the industry assuming that it 'just doesn't work'. When you realise the power of systems and automation the game changes. Get into place a system that new distributors can use in the early days of their business, so they can start having success in a short space of time. If success is easy for them to achieve they will get excited and your business will grow so fast that you won't be able to keep up with what's happening. A very favourable position to be in.

Vemma is a great company and has some great products, and you can develop a large amount of wealth if you know how to do things right.

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James Hicks has written many Vemma reviews and helped many people succeed in this business.

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