Waying The Disadvantages And Pros For Using A Cracking Website For Spyware Nuker? Don�t

By: Isaiah Henry

At this point I must say I�m confused about the Spyware Nuker crack. Why is it out there? I went to the site, investigated the program and found the keygen crack. Fine. I also found, however, several sites where you can download the program for a 90 day trial, for free.

I admit that I�m confused about the entire issue. To help clear up this confusion, I did some research. First I went online to check out the program, and right away found the keygen crack. Fine. Good. I also found a few places, though, that offered the program as a free download, free for the first 90 days anyway.

I continued to investigate, however, by turning to an impartial site to view the editor and consumer rating for the free 90 day trial version. It did not score well. Many of the completely free protection software programs garnered much higher ratings and provide more for the user. Also, these competitor�s programs are freeware, which means free forever, not just for a trial period. So, now the Spyware Nuker program isn�t completely free, can add dangerous files to your computer, and it�s not well thought-of?

Continuing onto a site which posts reviews for the program, I discovered that neither editors nor consumers gave Nuker very high ratings. In fact, several protection programs earned much higher ratings. These programs are freeware, free for the rest of time, and many of them offer more functions and services than the Spyware Nuker.

At this point, I decided I needed a non-biased opinion, so I went online to a site which provides consumer and editor ratings. Editors and consumers did not give the Spyware Nuker high marks. In fact, this program fell quite short of a number of other protection programs that not only offered more features, but were completely and absolutely free. When I say free, I mean free for all time.

Why would anyone want this program? It is free only for the first 90 days, then the consumer must buy the software. What guarantees come with that purchase? Are upgrades against future infections and viruses provided with purchase? Or does the user have to purchase those as well?

If I really think about it, though, when compared to the program�s failings, the legality question fades into the background. The program gets low ratings from consumers and editors. It costs money after 90 days of a free trial, and there is no information on what the user gets with that purchase.

The third strike is just due to the crack itself. Cracks bother me. How can a crack be necessary for a legitimate program? Where does the user turn if the program doesn�t work? Worse, yet, where does the consumer turn if the program damages his or her computer?

For home computers, one of the many free programs, or freeware, should provide a good selection of software that provides good safeguards. For extensive networks, or for business hardware, purchasing protection software might be the better choice. Many reasonably priced programs are available.

Computers that are linked to a company�s hardware may require a larger and more complex protection system. That usually means a fee, but also usually means future upgrades and technical support as well.

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