Wave Board Advanced Tricks

By: Josh Brennon

I hope you have had a chance to read my article on beginner to intermediate tricks. Now I am going to talk about the intermediate to advanced tricks. First intermediate trick to try is an ollie. To do an ollie bend your knees then shift your weight to the back foot and push down on the back lip of the board to pop the front of the board in the air. Then slide your front foot forward and shift your weight forward, this will pop the back of your board off the ground. Now go for an acid drop. This is when you find a ledge, like a curb or drop of some sort, approach the ledge straight on, then lift your front wheel off the ground just before you cross over the ledge and ride a manual until you drop off the ledge. Land and try to keep your balance. That is an acid drop. When you get comfortable try doing an ollie acid drop. Approach the curb and instead of doing a manual over the curb do an ollie off the curb. When you get good enough you can try doing an ollie up onto the curb.

Now let us talk about a few advance tricks. The 180 body variel is an advance trick where you jump slightly off your board, do a 180 with your body, and land riding switch back on the wave board. In order to do this center your balance over the board, twist your body and jump 180 degrees at the same time, then switch your feet position as quickly as possible, try to catch your balance and continue riding the board switch. The kickflip is a trick that uses the ollie as its foundation but when the board is in the air it does a barrel role underneath your feet and then you land back on the board. In order to do this prepare like you are doing an ollie. Instead of sliding your foot straight up the board you want to slide your foot off to the side so that when the board ollies it also spins. It takes practice to get the timing right but as soon as the board spins back into an upright position you want to land back on your waveboard.

Now I want to talk about combining some of the tricks. Like I explained earlier how you can combine and ollie and an acid drop. Take the kickflip and the 180 variable, this trick is called the kickflip variel. In this trick you must do a kickflip and at the same time spin your body 180 degrees in the air and land back on your board switch. You have already combined the acid drop with an ollie, now try an kickflip acid drop, and when you get real good attempt a kickflip variel acid drop. All of these tricks, whether solo or combined, take time and practice. Keep working at it and you will be doing kickflip variel acid drop in no time.

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Wave Board tricks can be hard to do, but with practice you can get them down easy. Skateboards are sweet to do tricks on as well. Try doing skateboard tricks on your wave board.

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