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By: Ryan Patingson

It is said that the grass is always greener on the other side. That is probably because the neighbors have an automatic watering system or sprinklers. An automatic sprinkler system is an investment all home owners should make. The sprinkler system will automatically start spraying the lawn with water when the time is up and will stop as programmed. This way a home owner can have a well hydrated and beautiful garden which can be their pride and their neighbor’s envy. Apart from this, the automated sprinkler system is convenient. It also makes certain that the garden or lawn gets just the right amount of water without under or over-hydrating it. It is an excellent medium for the conservation of water as it controls the amount of daily usage.

Automatic sprinkler systems add and enhance the beauty of a home and increase its resale value when it comes to selling it. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to beautify a garden and home. It is imperative for home owners to invest in a good automatic sprinkler system which is more about the technology and less about sprinkling water. The design and installation are crucial to determine its optimum performance and long life. Home owners have the option of getting a sprinkler system designed specifically for their needs or they can get it installed by a professional. Moisture and rain sensors are present in the sprinkler systems and they help in not only saving costs but also conserving water in the long run.

A garden hose is outdated and old fashioned. Not only that but more often than not there is a leakage in the main pipe and water drips out of it endlessly. The home owner is more often than not unaware of the leakage until it’s too late. Water bills sky rocket not to mention a colossal wastage of water for days on end until the leaky pipe is detected. Apart from which a home owner has to spend time watering the garden at least once a day and during hot, scorching summers, more than once.

When a home owner installs an automatic sprinkler system they invest in saving much more than just money. In fact good automatic sprinkler systems have rain and moisture sensors and have timers that can be set to be turned on and off a number of times a day. Some state of the art automatic sprinkler systems even have motion sensors which set off the sprinkler system and this can be a good deterrent for an intruder or burglar. Automatic water sprinkler systems are the best thing a home owner can purchase for their home as it saves time to smell the flowers and enjoy a leisurely day in the garden on a holiday, instead of watering the plants. Due to timely and sufficient hydration, the plants will look greener and be healthier. Along with all these benefits, automatic watering systems help to save time, money and exorbitant water bills.

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