Water 4 Gas: Hydrogen Vehicles Made Simple and Affordable

By: Matthew Loop, DC

Sometimes I'm amazed how much time and money I probably wasted being skeptical about the HHO water car systems I had seem all over the Internet. Before I turned my car into a hydrogen powered hybrid, I had assumed that there was no way that I would get any form of gas relief from a system that involves turning my car into one that ran on H2O. But with nowhere else to turn for relief from high gas prices, I decided to give it a shot anyway and try to turn my car into one that ran on HHO gas.

These systems do not involve a major engine overhaul. Rather, they involve creating a piece of technology you can make in your own home that works to help water power your car, using a technology known as HHO gas to act as an engine supplement designed to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle.

The technology is easy to build, and all it needs is a small current from your car battery to work correctly. From there, it takes H2O (water) and removes one particle of hydrogen, pushing it through your engine to work as a form of fuel, in addition to your gasoline. It also burns clean and is far better for the environment, and unlike hydrogen, it is not at all dangerous.

Once the water fuel has it your combustion system, you now have a combination of fuel and HHO Gas that is incredibly efficient, increasing your gas mileage by as much as 300% and saving you a great deal of money. This is the kind of relief that everyone needs at the gas tank.

Now, a valid question that I've heard many folks ask is "Will it damage my vehicle?" I can say with absolute certainty..... not in the least. This super mixture, in all actuality, burns cooler and cleaner. It will, believe it or not, extend the life and endurance of your auto. Another important frequently asked question is, "Will it make my warranty void?" Nope. What many are unaware is that the hydrogen car conversion is 100% reversible. It is good to note that any process that is reversible cannot void your warranty! Some people are also curious as to how much water it requires. The truth is, it really doesn't require much at all. A 16oz glass of water will last two to three weeks!

This technology is easy to build, costing less than the price of filling up your gas tank twice. It's almost amazing how cheap it can be to run your car on water, but the technology is so effective that a 16 oz glass of water will last for weeks without needing to be refilled. Your car will end up saving you thousands of dollars in just a short amount of time

Everyone should try to use one of these water car systems. They are easy to make, cost next to nothing and can save you thousands of dollars for every year. This is one of the only ways to reduce global warming and save money at the gas tank, and since everyone wants to improve gas mileage as well as the environment, there is simply no reason not to give it a shot.

Adding the hydrogen component to my car was an amazing way to clear up some money in my budget. And the fact that I leave less emissions makes me proud to know that I am helping make the world a better place for my children.

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