Washing Windows: - Simple & clean tips

By: atul kumar kushwaha

Clean windows allow streams of clear light into your house, giving it a warm ambience. Yet most people dread this household chore more than any other. Washing them can be tedious, messy, tiring, and unrewarding if all you are left with for your efforts are streaky windows. But, it doesnít have to be. There is light at the other end of the window. When it comes to household cleaning tips and windows, read on to help make it all simple and clean.

Eliminate the Mess

A common complaint about standard liquid window cleaners is that they are messy to use. Spray them on too close to the window and they spatter back at you. Too far, and you miss the mark. They sometimes run down the window too quickly and end up trickling onto the wall if you havenít removed the window from its frame, or onto the floor if you have. Now you have even more cleaning to do once youíve finished the windows.

Whatís the simple solution to this? Try a non-drip gel window cleaner (FULLER No Drip Gel Window Cleaner and Spray Trigger). These convenient cleaners are formulated to not budge until you are ready to spread them around on your window. The benefit of these thick cleaners is that they will work at loosening and dissolving built up dirt, grease, and grime with minimal effort on your part. Just spray onto the window and spread it around. Allow the cleaner to rest for an amount of time, then rinse.

Non-drip gels also make the best window cleaners for outside, as their thick consistency gives the cleaner enough time to break down even the most difficult window build up, such as hard water deposits. You may want to hose down the window first, then apply the cleaner in the same way you did to clean your inside windows.

Add In the Right Tool

Just as you would not expect toothpaste to clean your teeth without the aid of a tool known as a toothbrush, you cannot expect even the best window cleaner to clean your windows without the help of an appropriate tool. The best brush designed specifically to clean windows comes complete with a vinyl squeegee on the other end (FULLER Window Brush).

Scrub your windows with the bristle side of the brush to loosen all the dirt and grime, then squeegee it all off in vertical swipes from top to bottom. Be sure to hold the squeegee firmly to the window to maintain optimal contact, and you will discover a clear, clean, streak free window underneath all that grimy dirt. Another important tip: wipe your squeegee with a clean damp cloth (FULLER Handi Cloth) after each and every stroke to avoid depositing the dirt that has been removed back onto your window.

Clean windows are worth the effort involved to have them. Follow the above household cleaning tips and window washing suggestions, and youíll soon see it doesnít take as much effort as you thought.

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