Warning Signs of Foundation Damage and when you need Underpinning

By: Northern Underpinning

As you know that your foundation provides the base to your whole home, and it establishes the structural support for the rest of the building. Protecting your home begins with knowing what could cause it harm, and how to find it. The warning signs of structural damage to your foundation arenít always easily noticeable, which could lead to more expensive repairs down the road. As you know that if the foundation is not stable, over time, things may begin to crumble. Because you know that your home is a huge investment and you want to keep it standing on solid ground. Here are some warning signs that will let you know that your home is in need of Underpinning:-

* The easily spotted sign assist to spot problem with a foundation is typically any cracking or crumbling in the foundation. Take a walk around your home or building to see if you see any cracks in the foundation. While not all cracks mean major issues, there are almost always signs that something isnít right. As usual concrete and block foundations have at least a few cracks. The trick is recognizing which are insignificant and which are serious.

* Many people will notice that their windows are cracking along the caulking area. There may be splits or cracks that are growing in size. While they may begin small, over a short time they may quickly spread. Cracks and gaps along the frame could be an indication of a problem with the house. Cracking around the brick close to a window may also cause the windows to get stuck. Doors and windows affected by foundation problems will be difficult to open and close, and they will display uneven gaping around the jamb.

* Sometimes slab foundations conceal sewer lines and water pipes; when a leak develops in hidden line, it can cause the slab to deteriorate. This type of problem may cause moist areas in interior floors, or homeowners may notice a sudden spike in their water bills.

* When your wallpaper border is torn due to cracking in painted paneling. This prominent wall crack running between the door and the ceiling. This causes the foundation itself to move, as well. Too much movement; whether due to expanding soil, weather events, or poor drainage.

* When it is itís a subside floor in your living room that has always been there or a ceiling that is starting to appear warped in the corners, these are both potential signs that something is wrong with your homeís foundation. Also they can be indicators of much bigger problems with your homeís foundation.

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