Warning Signs Of An Affair In A Marital Relationship - Just What Are You Hearing From Your Mate?

By: D.A. Campbell

Extramarital affairs are starting to be more common that it scarcely raises an eyebrow when it is revealed. However for those who are personally impacted it is still a horrible ordeal. No one wants to think the person they love and care about is fooling around on them.

And yet at this point in time this is exactly what your fears are suggesting regarding your mate. While you might not have actually caught them in the act there can be little question they are doing something they have no business doing.

The problem is you can't go about accusing your mate of having a marital affair without proof to back it up. Doing this would simply put you back on your heels.

You will need strong evidence and finding this may be tougher than you imagine. This is especially true if your significant other is being overly cautious in terms of covering up their footprints. To carry out a marital affair and not get caught entails a tremendous degree of savvy.

The very last thing you ever thought you may experience in your marriage is playing cat and mouse with your significant other. Sadly it's arrived to this point and so the question becomes what do you look for?

When it comes down to cheating it is quite often not the things you observe but that which you hear. In other words while your partner is quite busy hiding the visible indications, their words might be betraying them.

It is easy to get caught up in the amount of hours they may or may not be at their job, the weird phone calls or their appearance. These are the classic signs of infidelity in marriage and in reality quite a few cheating spouses still get tripped up by them. However more often than not you will have to go much further to verify their unfaithfulness and this is when listening comes into play.

Keeping track of the untruths being told to you is takes effort for a straying wife or husband. If they've been having a an extramarital relationship for a while then it is necessary for them to remember the things they said in a conversation over a few months before.

This really is to your own benefit. Begin jotting down what they say and then check it to what was said previously. Are there any obvious differences? Occasionally the inconsistencies might be so minor that you may very easily overlook them. This is why it is in your best interest to always keep a private diary in order to go back and examine your significant other's statements.

Uncovering cheating in a relationship is often a slow-moving, exasperating and pretty agonizing process. However if perhaps your personal instinct is indicating something is not right then it's undoubtedly a necessary process. Just remember to keep your ears open as well as your eyes.

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