Warning - Smoking Can Lead To Vision Impairment

By: Ross Thomson

Research has proven it conclusively that smoking is a major cause for vision impairment in smokers.

It is no news that smoking is extremely injurious to your health. Smoking has adverse effects on your lungs and heart. It affects your lungs by lining it with a tar coating which leads to cancer. Smoking damages your heart by hardening the arteries through plague deposits.

Studies have now proven the fact that smoking leads to progressive vision problems and can even lead to blindness.

Smoking causes poor blood flow to the eyes

Smoking more than triples your chances of acquiring the dreaded Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD. AMD in layman terms would be permanent and irreversible vision impairments or blindness.

The reason why smoking affects your eyes is because it reduces the blood flow to retina by shrinking the delicate arteries in this region. When permanent shrinkage occurs, blood flow completely stops to the retina leading to permanent blindness.

The are no remedies to AMD, it is a permanent affliction. A lifetime of blindness. Smokers make themselves extremely vulnerable this condition. The more you smoke the more your chances of degrading your vision.

Vision Problems in Smokers

It has been know that teenagers who take to smoking acquire vision problems early in their twenties. Short sightedness is common among many people who started smoking early.

Vision problems usually manifest within 2 to 3 years of continuous smoking. Most smokers ignore these symptoms and attribute it to genetic factors. The truth is that they could have avoided this condition by not smoking.

Smoking leads to Cataracts

Cataract is the condition where your eye lens becomes opaque; this stops light from passing through your eyes leading to blindness. Many smokers are known to develop conditions of cataract in their forties.

This condition can be treated through surgery but severe cases are known to have complications. The reason for cataract formation is the reduced blood flow to the eyes leading to reduction in oxygen supply to the eye tissues leading to their death.

Smoking and Color Blindness

There have studies which indicate clearly the relation between smoking and the development of color blindness.

This condition is more visible in heavy smokers who smoke close to 15 to 20 cigarettes a day. Minor color perception defects become visible in heavy smokers in their thirties. Continuation of smoking after these symptoms manifest can lead color blindness, a condition where a person finds it difficult to perceive certain colors.

Quit Smoking and Stay Healthy

The reason why smokers continue smoking, in spite of understanding the immensely dangerous influence cigarettes have on their health, is because of addiction.

There is not much difference between a drug addict and a cigarette addict; they both continue abusing a substance knowing full well that it is degrading their health.

People who take poison, knowing that its poison are just helplessly addicted to it. Luckily addiction to cigarettes can be killed easily as compared to addiction to other drugs. The first step is to realize that you love your life more than you love cigarettes.

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