Warm Up Exercises - Using Toning Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

Before almost any physical exercise it is suggested to do warm up exercises. Some believe “No pain…no gain” but the pain should not be from pulled or strained muscles. Even when going walking, it is important to do a few warm up exercises. It can be kept simple; it is not like you are preparing to run a marathon!

Warm up exercises before walking are more important when you are walking first thing in the morning or after extended time lying down or sitting. Just doing chores around the house, errands, and yard work provide a little warm up to the muscles. If you are one of the people who are wearing the Stepgym shoe, instead of a traditional walking shoe, you will want to include warming up your muscles before beginning walking.

The reason for warm up exercises before most physical activities is to prevent injury. Walking is a physical activity and the muscles will benefit from warm up and stretching exercises. A tight cold muscle is less flexible and is at a higher risk for stains and pulls. Warm up exercises prepare the body for exercise by doing the following:

• Increase blood flow to muscles (including the heart)
• Increases heart rate gradually
• Increases breathing (oxygen intake)
• Increases oxygen to delivery
• Increases temperature (warms) muscles

Warming up for about 5 minutes is sufficient for most walks. If you are planning a longer more vigorous walk increase the warm up to about 10 minutes.

Warm up exercises can be as simple as walking slowly at the beginning and increasing the rate and strides of each step. Warming up before walking can include simple exercises that are followed by stretching. Stretching can also be done after warm up walking before increasing walking rate and stride.

Some warm up exercises for walking:

• Skipping (be sure toes are pointed forward)
• Slow walking (window shopping pace)
• Hip circles (large circles in both directions)
• Inch worm (put hands in front of feet on ground “inch” forward, follow with feet and repeat)
• Jumping or hopping in place

When doing any warm up or stretching exercises that include lifting one foot off the ground, be near a chair, tree, or other object that can provide stability if you are unsure of your balancing abilities.

To maximize the benefits of walking wear the Stepgym shoe. It is designed to increase the benefits of walking and firm up muscles more quickly than walking in traditional shoes.

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