War of the Stones: a Granite vs Quartz Countertops

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There are a lot of difference between granite and quartz. The former is a natural stone from the earth. It is polished and cut into slabs to be used for a variety of uses such as counters, grave slabs and so many more. Although Quartz is also made of real stone, it is a combination of a number of man made products that strengthens it, makes it look beautiful and more durable. Views differ as to how the stones are being applied and its answers rests on these following factors.

How the material is being utilized

For your particular needs, it is important to consider what stone will be used either Granite or Quartz. Granite is more fragile than quartz so it is not advisable to use it as kitchen countertops. Also, it is a delicate stone and very susceptible to any heat or chemical damages. Granite is more visually appealing than Quartz, it as a wide variety of colors to choose from. If your kind of person who doesn't use your counters most of the time, Granite stone might be suitable for you.

Costs to ponder

The prices of both stones hefty price range, all depending on which color or type you will choose. If you want to use granite stones foe your countertops,you may want to make some calls to some decent companies such as Granite Counter tops Dallas TX or Discount Granite Dallas to evaluate their price ranges that will best suit to your budget. If you know the prices, this can also help you in deciding which stone to use and what type and colors you need. While Quartz have a tendency to be more inexpensive, people who chooses them will prefer the types that are more cost-effective such as Uba Tuba or the New Venetian Gold at a comparative rate. To lower the price, you can do pre-cut.

How to conserve its condition

For quartz, it does not need sealing. This is particularly helpful in utilized as countertops. Quartz is less permeable than granite therefore it resistan to bacterial growth and staining.

For someone who wants a low maintenance product, you may want to consider quartz as the top of your list. Yet if a person is willing to put in a little maintenance, they can reap the other benefits of granite.

There seems to be a big discussion about which of these two types of countertops is better for today's kitchens which are focused more on the social aspect of meals instead of just the cooking part. Over the last few decades the way we view cooking and eating has changed dramatically. More than likely, the famous cookbook and TV personality Julia Childs had a lot to do with this change. She made cooking fun and enjoyable. It wasn't a very far leap to go from just cooking to preparing meals as part of the social event.

More and more kitchens are being designed with the thought that the dinner quests actually watch and interact with the host as she or he prepares the gourmet fare. The open kitchen design is becoming more popular where there is ample room for the guests to be a part of the kitchen scene and even help with the preparation if they desire. This means the countertops of the kitchen have gone from being only functional to being part of the fashion statement of the entire home.

Two of the most popular countertops are quartz and granite. They both have there pluses and minuses and these should be considered when choosing which top will be the correct one for you situation.

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Ultimately, it is important to talk to a knowledgeable professional at a local company like granite countertops Dallas TX or discount granite countertops Dallas for additional considerations in your final decision making which include use, cost considerations and maintenance.

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