Want to Hear “Nice Butt”?

By: Sarah Carlye

It doesn’t happen by sitting on the couch or in front of the computer. Getting a compliment on your buttocks may be as easy as walking. For large amounts of weight that need to be lost, it will be important to be patient. As the weight drops, it will become less tiresome to walk or do other exercises that improve the look of your buttocks.

Brisk walks can burn as many as 300 calories in an hour for a person who weighs 140 pounds. Burning calories are important to get rid of fat and develop muscle. Walking is the one exercise almost anyone can do. In traditional shoes the buttocks will get an adequate workout and will show improvement. The improvement is more noticeable when a healthy diet is also followed. To increase the affects of walking, many people choose to wear the Stepgym when they walk. The unique design of the shoe makes the most of every step, working out each muscle efficiently to get the maximum results in the shortest time.

In additional to walking, there are additional exercises that can improve the buttocks appearance. Exercises like walking will develop a buttock that is firm, lifted, and trim. Some of these exercises include:

• Lunges-these can be done side to side, reverse, front, walking and wheeling (front, side, reverse)
• Hiking-this exercise will work many muscles in addition to the buttocks, the more challenging the terrain, the more of a workout hiking is
• Walking-is a good entry level exercise to improve the look of the buttocks and a good exercise for those that may have medical or physical limitations
• Step-ups-stairs, platform, curbs, or anything else that is about 6 inches above the ground can be used
• Bike riding-improves stamina in addition to firming and strengthening the buttocks, thighs, and calves
• Hip extensions-this targets the buttocks muscle and can be done with a weight or on an exercise ball
• One-legged dead lift-this should be done with your back flat or with a natural arch and is not a good exercise if you have back problems
• Running-running hills will increase the effectiveness of running
• Stepgym shoes-walking in the Stepgym shoe will shorten the time it takes to firm and lift the buttocks

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