Want more sleep! Do you know the ideal timings?

By: edward fery

We have seen many people who sleep more (I am also one of them). We all sleep because we need it, it’s a necessity and without it our working life will get affected in a way that it will be impossible to deal with.
Let’s start with a simple example, at Reed Army Institute; some cadets were allowed to sleep in advance for a few weeks. And after that there timings were decreased, but even after the decrease in timings they did not suffer that much as those who did not sleep in advance.
So by this example what we found is…
1. Advance sleep:
Usually those tactics, in which you sleep a lot in the first few days and after that, you start sleeping less, and you do not suffer much by drowsiness are specified as advance sleeping tactics. By using this tactic, your mind is not burdened up and you do not suffer that much as, those people suffer who did not sleep in advance.
It is just like keeping a stock of sleep & rest and then using the stocks when the going gets tough.
2. Find out the Ideal Sleep level:
You have the option to cut down the timings of your sleep. But, how will you do that if you do not even know the ideal sleep level?
According to “train yourself to get by on less sleep”, the method is pretty simple. What you will need to do is to start this method when you are on a vacation. Yeah! Because by using this method you will be wasting a lot of time sleeping. And your boss might get angry if you do not show up on time.
The Method:
First, sleep at the same time as you sleep on in normal days. And wake up, not by the alarm, but by the natural way. Do this for the first two weeks (In this time period your brain and body will automatically catch up the sleep of those nights when you missed sleeping). After the first two weeks the ideal time of your body will start. Do not get sad if you wake up after 10 hours. That is just fine.
Now, I will be adding my own little development of the method. When you wake up after ten hours of sleeping, remember to know the timing of how much time you can stay up without tiring yourself.
This will be the ideal time of your 'staying up'.
Try these methods and you will know the ideal troughs and the crests of your sleep pattern.

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