Want To Get The Real Value For Your Jewelry?

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Jewelries are not only considered beautiful to wear but are also precious items to own. They hold some kind of symbolism and raise your self esteem when they belong to you. Expensive jewels are made from silver, gold or any other precious stones. Insuring expensive jewelry is worth every penny. If you do not insure these precious commodities, you run the risk of losing them as well as their value. You should insure these precious collections to ensure that they are protected from theft and damage.

A good thing about jewelry is that they do not lose value and they can make you reap huge profits when you chose to sell them. Also, owning these precious stones ensures that you are immune to economic constraints.

When looking out for an insurance firm, you should first identify if the home insurance policy will cover the expensive jewelry. If this does not, you might want to insure the pieces separately. During the process of getting an insurance policy to cover the expensive and precious stones, an appraisal license is acquired to help you determine the worth of the jewelry. With the appraisal, you can get a policy that is within the value range of your jewelry as this helps in defining the jewelry replacement cost.

When you obtain insurance for your jewelry, the following will be handled:

Loss of the piece when in use

Loss of the piece when travelling

Damage of the jewelry

The rates for insuring your jewelry are determined by a number of factors such as:

Price of the jewelry

The cost of an insurance plan differs depending on the price of your jewelry. As this is true, the higher the price the hire the cost for the cover.

Insurance policy

The wider the scope covered, the higher the rate. Usually, there are different kinds of policies each one of them offering different coverage plans, hence the difference in their rates. A comprehensive policy for instance, might cover a number of things such as loss, theft, fire, earthquake and any other risks which might not be covered under other policies.


The cost goes up if the precious stone being insured is prone to more risks than other kinds of jewelry.

You are advised not to shy off from asking questions. You should ask questions before you seek the services of a certain insurance firm. Some of the things that you might want to know before you buy insurance for your expensive jewelry include:


You might want to know if the cover will include deductibles and if the lowering or raising of the deductibles will affect the cost of your policy.


It is good to ask if an appraisal is required just before you obtain insurance cover for your valuables.


It is very important to know the scope of the coverage in detail, and if jewels are covered irrespective of the place the worst happens. For instance, if the policy covers your precious stones during your travel either locally or internationally, then this can be rewarding.

Full replacement cost

You might want to ask if the policy covers repairs in case of damaged jewelry.

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