Wall hook, tree cord or stand?

By: Sirisha Rao

You may have often wondered, “Which is the best way to hang a hammock?” The popular means of hanging a hammock involves either wall hooks or tree cords or stands. But, which of these is easy to use and also offers an engrossing hammock experience? I have observed that all three of them are unique in their own ways. Here’s how:

Wall Hooks
Wall hooks are made for indoor use, but you can also use them in your balcony. To attach a wall hook, you need to find two walls that are 13-16 ft apart. If your walls are closer, your hammock will be curved, and this will make for an uncomfortable experience. Once you’ve found two such walls, you need to measure a height of 4-6 ft above the ground.

After fixing the wall hooks, place the ‘S’ hooks of your hammock onto them, and voila! Your hammock is ready. Before you jump in, check the hammock’s height by standing next to it. Generally, a good hammock height is one where it reaches your hips.

With wall hooks, it’s easy to hang and remove hammocks. But to fix one in, you must possess these handyman skills, or find someone who will do it for you.

Tree Cords
As the name suggests, tree cords were made for hanging hammocks on trees without a hassle. The measurements are the same as mentioned before. Only this time, you don’t have to drill any holes into Mother Nature’s creations. You just need to fasten the cord around the tree and tighten it.

Tree cords are definitely the easiest way to hang a hammock. If you’re in an apartment, or if you don’t have trees around your house, fasten the cords around pillars.

Hammock Stands
Let’s assume that there’s no tree or pillar at your desired hammock spot. And, you’re afraid to drill holes as they may damage the newly painted walls. Then, the hammock stand is a suitable candidate for you.

These stands are made in wood and metal, and they can withstand weights up to 200 kg or sometimes more. The first question that will cross your mind is the heaviness of the stand itself.

Relax! The stands can be disassembled and assembled, making it easy for you to move them without the help of Superman. Also, hammock stands have caught up with today’s fashion. They are available in trendy designs that can further enhance your room’s décor.

Hammock Accessories in India
The market for hammock accessories in India is expanding. My preferred destination is Slack Jack Hammocks. They are a one-stop online store for all of your hammock needs. Apart from a comprehensive product range, Slack Jack also shows you where and how you can hang a hammock. Their products are lightweight and extremely durable.

Slack Jack is also present on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where they offer recipes for short-eats and mocktails that you can enjoy while resting in your hammock.

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The author spends weekends on his farm where he regularly prefers the hammock over the bed for a good nights sleep. He has been enjoying his hammock space for years on end now.

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