Wall-Hung or Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators?

By: Kyung Demaria

Towel radiators are common in European homes and hotels, but they are not so common in the United States. You can find heated towel bars in some luxury homes and hotels in the US, but a towel bar is totally different from a towel radiator. If you want a warm towel, use a bar towel warmer, but you will not gain the luxury of a radiator - one that produces enough heat to warm an entire room.

A towel radiator will do just that - heat the entire room.

Wall-Hung Towel Radiator

You can purchase a wall-hung towel radiator that is hardwired for electricity or forced hot water systems. Wall hung towel radiators come in hundreds of colours and can be custom painted to match your bathroom. You can also find towel radiators with programmable timers, which you can set to heat the towels as well as the room at a designated time.

You can purchase wonderful and modern towel radiators for a relatively reasonable price. Towel radiators come out from the wall but generally measure less than 4-inches in total. The towel radiator will give you awesome warm towels that you'll just love to wrap your body in having stepped out of the shower. Warm towels for radiators are almost like an electric blanket - but without the risk of being electrocuted! You will love a towel radiator. They provide a feeling of pure luxury - heated towels after a shower.
Floor Towel Radiators
If you are looking for a floor mounted towel radiator look no further than a hydronic towel warmer. They eliminate smells and keep your bathroom mildew free. You can purchase a floor mounted radiator and a drying rack that is suitable for central heating or hot water distributing systems. Floor towel radiators are generally manufactured from high-quality brass piping and have chrome, antique gold plate or nickel plate finishes.
You can purchase towel radiators mounted on the floor in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. A floor mounted radiator can be purchased for a reasonable amount. Have your floor towel radiator plumbed with hot water, or keep it hooked up to electricity and use a timer to turn the radiator on and off. With this you'll be able to enjoy piping warm towels after your bath or shower.
Wall and floor mounted towel radiators are available in contemporary and traditional styles - providing homeowners with a significant amount of freedom when it comes to getting a radiator that fits in with their bathroom.
By using radiators to serve two purposes - warming towels and heating the bathroom - at the same time, you'll save on heating costs. However, it's worth noting that when you purchase a radiator the values and heating elements are sometimes sold separately.
One of the awesome benefits of floor or wall mounted towel radiators is the benefit of drying wet towels quickly. This eliminates the musty towel odor and the presence of mildew that come with towels that are dried in a humid climate. You will have the additional benefits of cutting back on moisture in the bath, less laundry from moldy and smelly towels, and the luxury that is only afforded in high end hotels.

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Towel radiators serve two main purposes. Primarily they allow homeowners to keep their bathrooms warm, and secondly they allow them to keep their towels dry and warm. This article details the wall-hung and floor towel radiators available from bathroom furniture retailers.

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