Walking is Not Just for Fitness

By: Sarah Carlye

Walking is a great way to become fit. It is among the best exercises for those who are just starting a fitness program and are out of shape, obese, or have health issues, because almost everyone can safely walk. Walking can do more than just burn calories and increase fitness. It can also do the following:

• Increase self-confidence-for those who are obese, unhealthy, and out of shape beginning a fitness walking program can be a boost to self-confidence because they know they are doing something about their condition. They also notice people look at them differently than before when they did nothing about their lack of fitness, unhealthiness, and obesity.

• Relaxation-it is hard to feel tense after a few blocks of walking. Even walking in a neighborhood there are plants, birds, flowers, well-landscaped yards, and more to enjoy and appreciate during a walk. There are hormones that aid in relaxation that are released during physical activity.

• Coping tool-there are many life-changing events that can be difficult to deal with, like the death of loved one, serious illness of someone close, unemployment, loss of a pet, and severe financial problems. When life seems overwhelming, a walk can be a used as a coping tool. The walk will release calming hormones. During walks, especially when alone, there is freedom to grieve over the changes and move forward. Perspective is often gained during a peaceful walk.

• Relationship maintenance/repair-with the complicated and busy schedules that most people have, it is hard to maintain relationships with family, partners, and friends. Taking walks together gives people a chance to re-connect without the distraction of the home and the pressure of sitting across from each other to discuss an issue. When a relationship is damaged, repair is more likely in a non-threatening neutral environment, walking in a park, desert, forest, or even a neighborhood can provide that kind of environment.

While using walking for purposes other than fitness and weight loss, you can still become fit and loose weight. To maximize the affect of a walk on fitness and weight loss, wear a toning shoe like the Stepgym instead of an everyday gym shoe. To order a Stepgym shoe, go to Stepgym.com.

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