Walking for the Obese - Toning Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

It doesn’t matter if you came to the conclusion on your own that you are obese or you doctor pointed it out when he or she showed you where you are on a weight scale; you know you are not healthy.

You may have started out a little overweight and some things weren’t as easy to do physically as they were before you gained weight. For many people when they first gain weight they avoid doing the physical activities they use to because they are more easily tired or because they are more self-conscious doing the activities with the added weight. This begins the cycle of less activity which leads to weight gain which leads to even less activity. This cycle can be broken.

Wearing the Stepgym shoe can increase the amount of exercise with every step. Even in traditional shoes, walking is a good way for the obese to break the cycle of weight gain and decrease in exercise, which leads to more weight gain. Most everyone can walk. If you have any question if you are healthy enough to begin a walking program, consult a health care professional.

For those who are obese, it is important to wear comfortable clothing. There will be less chance of self-consciousness. The clothes should be loose and breathable. Shirts with shorts or pants will be more comfortable than a dress or skirt because it will reduce the risk of the thighs becoming irritated by rubbing against each other.

Use powder in areas that tend to sweat or rub to protect the skin from irritation and rashes. Being obese can cause increased perspiration because of the added work needed to carry the excess weight while walking. It is important to use deodorant when walking even in cooler weather. A shower before walking and after walking may be needed to prevent odor.

Supportive, shock-absorbing shoes are important because being obese causes more stress on the joints. The shoes worn while walking should be laced snuggly to avoid the foot slipping in the shoe and possibly leading to a twisted ankle. Absorbent socks and foot powder will help prevent foot odor.

Obese walkers should start out slow and slowly increase their walking time as they become more fit and loose weight. Wearing the Stepgym toning shoe maximizes every step so that the most health benefits and the most weight gain can be attained while walking.

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