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By: Sarah Carlye

Walking for a cause can often provide the motivation needed to keep walking. Look into local walks for a cause that you want to support.

There are cancer walks for breast cancer, children’s cancer, diabetes, and more. You can walk for many causes. Even the “runs” allow for walkers.

When you are preparing for a walk for a cause, you can invite friends and family to train for the walk with you. If they are not going to be in the walk, they can still support your fund raising efforts by donating or being on the sides lines along the route to cheer you on.

When walking to prepare for a walk or run for a cause, you can wear a shirt that represents the cause while going on a daily walk. It can bring attention to the cause. You may even recruit supporter or donators from your own neighborhood without knocking on doors! Those who walk with you can also wear a shirt that represents the cause you are supporting. Some walkers who regularly walk for a cause will have t-shirts made for friends their friends that say something like “I support (name of the walker) who walks for (name of the cause)”.

Going to fundraising meetings for the cause of your choice will help introduce you to other walkers. Another benefit of going to fundraising meetings is you may find walkers in your area to walk with after the fundraising event is over. For walkers that live farther apart, a walking group can be formed that rotates among the member’s neighborhoods. It will add variety and help maintain interest in keeping up with walking.

It can get boring walking the same route day after day…week after week…month after month. Walking for a cause a few times a year can help the cause and also put some variety in your walking program. Having a walk or race coming up is motivating in itself as you set goals for yourself to be fit enough to walk the entire route.

If you take the time to look at the shoes worn at the fund raising events, you will see a shoe that is designed a little different than others. The shoe may be the Stepgym Toning shoe that turns every step into a workout. Find out more at StepGym.com.

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