Walking Safety

By: Sarah Carlye

Most people live, work, and play in safe areas. Even if safe areas, sometimes bad things still happen. It is important to wear comfortable clothing, good shoes (like the Stepgym shoe), and be in good health when walking to get in shape, but none of that will matter if you don’t follow walking safety rules to avoid becoming a victim of a crime or assault when walking.

Here are some walking safety rules that will help you to stay safe while walking:

WALK WITH A PARTNER-not only will you be safer, you are more likely to stick with a walking a schedule when you do it with a partner. When walking with a friend, there are two of you to monitor your surroundings. Longer walks can also be more enjoyable.

TAKE YOUR DOG FOR A WALK-even a friendly dog will alert you to others that may be around a corner or come up behind you. A barking dog will draw attention to someone who chooses to stop and talk to you. Regular exercise will not only keep you fit, but will keep your dog fit and contribute to a longer life for both of you.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDING WHILE WALKING-if you bring your iPod or other device, keep the volume low enough you can hear what is going on around you. Be alert while walking; avoid being “lost in thought”.

HAVE A STRONG GATE WHILE WALKING-walking like you know where you are going and that you have a purpose will deter predators. It will also make the most of your walk by working your muscles more and burning more calories. If you are wearing the Stepgym shoe each step will increase the effects of a good strong walking gate.

KNOW YOUR HEALTH-make sure you have eaten properly, are adequately hydrated, and physically able to walk. Being unable to complete your walk and need help puts you at risk.

BRING A CELL PHONE-if you don’t have a cell phone, consider buying a pay as you go phone that you only pay on days you use it. Have a phone case that will hold your phone securely so it isn’t lost on your walk.

WALK DURING THE DAY OR ON WELL LIT BUSY STREETS-location is important when walking. Avoid walking at night on dark streets, especially if you are alone. The busy the street the better, especially if you must walk at night.

CHANGE YOUR ROUTE REGULARLY-walk different routes at varying times on different days. There are some assaults that occur because there is opportunity, but other assaults are planned and thought out. Changing your walking routes, days, and times regularly will avoid the latter.

Even following every safety rule, you may become a victim of a crime or assault. Be sure to report it to authorities and get appropriate counseling or therapy afterwards if it happens to you.

Walking is the exercise of choice by a wide range of people. Many of those people are investing in a good walking shoe, like the Stepgym, to make the most of every step and increase the benefits of walking.

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