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Do you ever feel like an oddity because apparently you march to a different drumbeat than the others in the band? Does it seem that while everyone else is content to maintain conformity, you only seek out the untrodden path? Does it feel like you are on this earth to accomplish some unique work? Do you wonder why others are so willing to give up their uniqueness so as not to appear "different"? Has it felt like youíve been considered "weird" most of your life? Do you think that "fitting in" is vastly overrated?

Do you sometimes want to grab other people, shake them and scream in their face, "Think for yourself!" ? Congratulations! Youíre an excellent candidate for the Terminal Uniqueness Club. The truth may be that the fault lies not in you but in those others who are so willing to give up their individuality to "run with the herd". These "sheep people" or sheeople are easily manipulated and no subliminal subterfuge goes unheeded. As for you, how do you capitalize on your unusual life choices and develop adequate income to enable you to maintain life out of the so called "mainstream"? Here are some thoughts.

1.) What are your special gifts and what do you love doing? Pay special attention to any areas of passion. The energy that comes from passion is our most profound fuel source and the surest to sustain us over time. Sometimes our passions have zero commercial viability. Donít let this discourage you in any way. Perhaps commercial applications may present themselves later in some totally unique and creative combination.

You may find that viability rests ultimately on a unique financing path or doing other compatible work that supports the passion. Whatever you do, maintain the pursuit of your passion at all costs. Commercial viability can usually evolve from pursuit of your passion.

2.) Be willing to be flexible. In order to support your passion, there may be temporary compromises or choices that mean the death of your dream. They are simply a means to the end of continuing to pursue your passion. Frequently, creative people go into "black or white" mode. They believe that any deviation from pursuing their passion is a form of "giving up". They act as if a temporary "bypass" is a permanent abandonment of their goal. See these choices more realistically as tools to support your passion -- and do not use them as excuses to give up.

3.) Get support if you need it -- and most creative people do need support. Hire a coach, get a mentor, join a mastermind, or go to an entrepreneur center. Is it likely that you will benefit greatly from providing yourself expertise on how to actualize your dreams?

4.) Create a strategy. Spend the time to fully flush out all the tactics and small action steps you need to enact so that you can create a life exactly like you want. When you create your support, be sure to inquire about strategic sessions. Be sure you will have at least one support person who can and will help you create your strategic plan. Most creative people have neglected to develop their strategic capabilities. Make sure this is a part of your self education.

5.) Do what it takes to create community among other unique individuals. To do otherwise risks eventually becoming derailed by isolation. Make a point of choosing winners for friends and companions. There are many among creatives who compulsively avoid success, fulfillment of their talents, and excellence of expression. It is a mistake to develop friendships here. It can quickly become problematic if you should surpass these types in any way. Choose friends among those who are up to something in the world. They will challenge you (in the positive sense) to become a better person and to more completely fulfill your talents.

6.) Never give up on your dreams. Persistence is the one area that comes the closest to guaranteeing your success. No matter what -- do not give up.

If you are among those who are walking an untrodden path, hurray for you! Much of the discovery of greatness and evolution of the earth has come from the fortitude and spirit of these types. Stick to your unique pursuits and create your ideal environment for guaranteed success. Fulfillment of your purpose can be ensured and not accidental.

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