Walk And Burn Your Extra Calories

By: Kris Koonar

Do you need to lose some extra pounds, and yet are one of those who detest going to the gym, doing all those abdominal crunches and push-ups? Well, one of the best ways to burn those extra calories is taking up a walking regimen.

Once you start walking regularly, you will begin discovering how just taking those strides is beneficial for your system. A moderately paced walk, for about 30 to 60 minutes, will increase your stamina and your fitness level, burn up all those extra calories. This helps in building muscles, which will result in speeding up your metabolism. An hour walk a day reduces your exposure to the risks of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Since walking is natural, an exercise routine based on it is easy to begin and can be great fun. In fact, when you go about it the right way, the time you reserve for walking can be the best part of your day. Here are a few tips on how to get your walking routine right and begin losing all those extra pounds.

Set goals: Start out slowly and begin by walking short distances, and then gradually increase it in a systematic way.

Make the first walk easy: Dont start off on a grueling first walk. Take it easy. Walking on flat terrain, or a track, can be the best way to begin.

Find a good place: For most of us, walking around the neighborhood is the best place to begin. However, if the terrain has too much traffic, or is too steep, or just not safe, you could go to the school nearest to you, or perhaps a sports stadium. Most of these places allow their tracks to be used when they are not being used. You could even go to a park close by, as most parks are usually flat and equipped with walking tracks.

Dont bother about the distance: When you begin, just walking for a certain amount of time is more important. More speed and longer distances can happen later.

Set the amount of time: When you start your walking routine, decide precisely how much time you will give it. Choose a time limit you know you will be able to accomplish. Dont pay attention to how short it is, just achieving it is enough.

Increase the time: With each successive walk, you need to increase the time by about 30 seconds to a minute, till you can manage walking for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Dont be concerned about not walking longer than the previous day. Just set your time limit, and keep trying to achieve it.

Work at the level of difficulty and speed: Once you begin walking for 45 minutes per day easily, then you can begin working on increasing your difficulty level and speed. Get off the easy track, and begin walking on the streets. There, the difficulty level will increase, because of elevated inclines of terrain and declines.

Regulate your target heart rate: In case you are below your target heart rate, you will have to step up on your speed in order to derive benefits from your work out. However, if you are above it, decrease the speed to stay within your target heart rate. Health and weight loss can be achieved by sustaining your effort.

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