Voice Broadcasting is Alive and Well: New FTC Laws will Help Us, Not Hurt Us!

By: Chris Robertson

If you've been considering using voice broadcasting as a means of lead generation for your business, you might fear how the new FTC laws will affect this powerful method of reaching prospects. Fortunately, these laws weren't meant to do away with marketing through voice broadcasting completely, but to merely protect citizens from unlawful or unethical use of phone leads software.

The new FTC ruling went into effect on September 01, 2009. As with many new laws, the public became frantic and immediately began uttering statements such as, "Voice broadcasting (robo calls) is dead, and now illegal!" But in reality, the new ruling was actually passed to help clean up the illegal use of voice broadcasting - those who still use antiquated systems (i.e. sequential and predictive dialers) to call number after number in a pre-set order or one house after another on any particular street.

"Robo calls" to residents are still permissible as long as the recipient has opted to receive such calls using a digital or hand signature. More good news is business-to-business calls are still permissible and are not illegal, especially if the recipient owns a website and has their phone number listed on the website. Having a website that features products and services along with a business phone number classifies it as a business, and the website is interpreted by law to be an open advertisement.

The new law also permits robo calls from debt collectors, politicians, law enforcement officers, healthcare organizations and charities. Have you ever received a recorded message through your phone from a politician right before an election? If so, then you've experienced a robo call. Politicians understand that using phone leads software provides the fastest, most cost effective way to reach thousands of people in their community. Those running national campaigns (such as President and Vice President offices) may literally call millions of prospective voters using voice broadcasting. They understand that there's power in numbers, and it would require hundreds of telemarketers to call that many people!

How to Choose Phone Leads Software

Now that you understand the rules of using robo calls to promote your business, you might consider signing on with a company that specializes in this type of lead generation. Professionals who know how and where to find prospects can save you much time and money. They may also train you to set up the phone leads software on your own, helping you to maximize its effectiveness in the future.

Here are just a few benefits:

- Lead generation phone software does the sifting and sorting for you.
- Gets qualified prospects to call you about your business in just minutes.
- Enables you to create your own real time leads.
- Sends voice messages to your down-line, sales force and customer list within minutes.

Along with phone leads software, some companies may offer other similar methods of lead generation, including e-mail broadcasting (safe opt-in e-mails only) and a free website featuring a ready-made business you can promote if you don't already have a business of your own. These tools are meant to complement one another and skyrocket your marketing and sales potential.

Even if you're skeptical about phone leads software, it's definitely worth a try. Imagine a message of your own creation reaching thousands of prospects and encouraging them to call you! It's a great way to reach a large amount of people in a very short time period. Even a small response percentage to your marketing campaign could mean money in the bank.

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