Vital Things to Know When Keeping Geckos as Pets

By: Vikram Kuamr

There are many species of geckos that you will come across in the market when looking for one to keep as a pet. The reason why you will want to have geckos as pets is because their behaviors are captivating, have good-looking colors and readily available. You will not have any challenges in getting the right gecko for your pet. But before you decide to take such a step, it is important you ask yourself many questions about geckos and their suitability as pets. That is precisely what this article will discuss just to enlighten you and any other person considering such a move. First and foremost, you must know the right place to keep your gecko.

Will you have every gecko at its own room or you will have them in a single housing. For instance, male and female geckos should only be kept together in case you want to have their offspring while two males staying together will be fighting too often. You must make this determination prior to bringing geckos at home to be your pets. The flooring of the house should also be a concern and an indoor carpet or paper will be good idea. If the geckos are still young and growing, you are advised against putting wood shavings or sand in the flooring because they can cause blockages to the intestines once ingested. The second important thing to know is the type of food that your geckos will be feeding on.

Donít have one in case it will remain hungry for long times. Most of the geckos especially leopard geckos are known to feed on insects thus their diet must address that. You can include mealworms, crickets or wax worms to make the diet acceptable to the geckos. The frequency at which you feed the geckos will depend on age since young ones will require it to be done daily while for grown up geckos you can skip one or two days. Be informed that geckos never feed on vegetables or plants so donít prepare such a diet and expect them to be satisfied. You must give your pet a meal of insects for it to remain healthy which is a sacrifice to make once you keep geckos as pets.

Just like any other pet, you will want to have the best geckos that are healthy and lively. Make sure you go to the extreme and out of your way in settling for the ideal ones. Some of the qualities that define a healthy gecko suitable to be called a pet include thick and rounded tail, bright eyes that are alert, dry nostrils, unharmed claws and toes as well as clean mouth.

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When preparing to have Geckos as Pets , make sure you have considered vital aspects that are necessary like what they will be feeding on and where to live. These are some of the things overlooked by many pet keepers but you must remain vigilant. Also, consider Types of Geckos before making a choice.

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