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If you are looking for exciting things to do near Goa, then a visit to Dandeli can be pretty fulfilling. Dandeli is a town in Northern Karnataka. This town is around a hundred and forty five kilometers away from Goa. It takes around three and a half to four hours to reach Dandeli from Goa, but the journey is worth it, because the destination is very promising.

The town of Dandeli has a history behind the adoption of its name. It has been named after a loyalist man named Dandelappa who lost his life because he was very loyal to the Mirashi landlords of that area. He is now considered as a deity. There is another story behind the name and this one says that there was a king name Dandakanya, and it was this king who named this forest land after he passed through it. Both the stories run parallel to each other.

If you are one of those people who like forests and related adventure activities then this visit to Dandeli must be included in your agenda of the things to do near Goa. The town of Dandeli promises a large number of opportunities for such adventure enthusiasts. The location of Dandeli is such that it makes it pretty easy for hiking as well as trekking. It is located in the Uttara Kannada district which is also known as Northern Kannada and is a wide stretch of forested land. These forests also have a little river named the Kali River flowing through them. Legend has it that the earliest settlements in Dandeli were along the banks of this river.

Apart from hiking and trekking, another one of those things to do near Goa can be river rafting and Dandeli has a pretty good option when it comes to this option. This can be explored on the Virnoli rapids itself. These rapids are famous amongst rafting enthusiasts. They are a part of the Kali River itself.

For those of us who happen to be nature lovers and environment lovers, Dandeli and its wildlife sanctuary had a lot to offer when it comes to adding to the list of things to do near Goa. This sanctuary has been converted into a Tiger reserve in the year 2007. Apart from tigers there are also other animals such as leopards, black panthers, elephants, deer, gaurs, antelopes. A large number of migratory birds also flock to the Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary. There are also a large number of reptile species available in this sanctuary. However, the only problem remaining is that despite being so rich when it comes to flora and fauna, the sanctuary has been suffering a lot at the hands of constant industrialization as well as rapid deforestation which is pretty rampant in and around the area.

Thus, Dandeli offers a mix of peace, calm, forests, waterfalls, rafting, hiking and trekking, wildlife tourism, which all coalesce together to leave an overall amazing impact which is pretty soothing, relaxing and also invigorating all at the same time.

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