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By: Mel Joelle

Those New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and lose weight are rarely successful. Sure, a resolver might go to the gym a couple of times in January, and once before Valentine’s Day, but an honest person knows it will take more than resolve to truly stick to a workout routine.

This is one reason that online exercise forums have popped up all over the Internet. Take Alissa, an avid runner who runs for her emotional health because, as she says, “I have three kids under four!” When asked how she maintains her resolve to run at five thirty in the morning, she answers, “The first thing I do, before I get out of bed, is log on to this running forum I use. Seeing other women’s posts about how far they ran already helps motivate me. It’s the kick I need to drag myself out of the house.”

A lack of this type of accountability is exactly why most people fail to meet their health and fitness goals. Although not everyone can be motivated by a runner’s post in an online forum, accountability is still a key element in sticking to one’s goals. It is why programs like Weight Watcher’s works, because people need the support of friends when their resolve is failing. People need to be encouraged by others who have achieved the same goals they are currently working toward.

When people do not have accountability– a workout partner or a group of like-minded fitness buffs– then they are less likely to achieve their health goals and more likely to eventually give up on setting goals altogether. But why is a support group actually needed to help someone achieve a fitness goal? Why can’t someone do it alone? The answer is that working out and staying healthy is dependent on consistency. And it is the consistency that a person needs help with. Jared can be pumped about going to the gym for two weeks straight, but then he gets behind on work and decides he doesn’t have time to fit his workout in. The resolve, without consistency, will begin to fade as other things crowd it out. And that is where accountability comes in. If Jared has a workout partner, he is more likely to hit the gym because he and his partner have agreed on a place and time.

The best form of a workout partner is a personal trainer. Not only do they have a knowledge base the average person does not have and can better design a workout to fit your personal fitness needs, they will adamantly hold you accountable to your scheduled session. People are always surprised when they actually achieve their goals, but they really didn’t believe they could lose one hundred pounds until their personal trainer showed them what they were capable of. So if inconsistency and lack of accountability has been hurting your health, contact Achieve Fitness at to get started. A consultation will provide you with a personal workout plan catered to your individual needs, and the personal trainer will keep you accountable and on track to achieving those fitness goals.

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