Viral Marketing...How Can I Use It To Build My MLM Online?

By: Dan Pressler

Viral Marketing definitions can best be done using three words: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! Continue on to learn how these three Social Media Networks use Viral Marketing to expand their placement on the internet and around the world!

Viral Marketing often creates explosive and exponential growth and works like this: One individual will tell several people who in turn will share it to several other people. This is what makes Viral Marketing so hugely effective. Couple that with the leverage and size of the internet and you have the potential to blow the roof off of your MLM business!

A Great Example of "Viral Marketing" Is Facebook!

Facebook is a Social Media network, but then you probably knew that already. In fact, you in all probability are already on Facebook after all; 300 million individuals are including yours truly! What you maybe didn’t know was that Facebook was originally intended for Harvard students only and was later expanded to include other specific universities like Stanford. It was eventually further stretched to include all the Ivy League universities and then offered to any university or college student. From there Facebook grew to include kids in high school and ultimately anyone over 13 years old! Oh yeah, remember those 300 million Facebook users? It only took 3 years for all of them and probably you too, to find out about and become users of Facebook! A great example of Viral Marketing at its best!

How ‘Bout Twitter? Another Famous ‘Gone Viral’ Example!

If you’ve never heard of Twitter or maybe are not already on Twitter, it might be because you’re not from this planet! Twitter and its 12-15 million subscribers is number 13 when it comes to the most frequently visited websites and Twitter got to that point by way of viral marketing…and speaking of growing virally, Twitter is guesstimated to end up this year with 18-20 million users! It seems that once viral growth is achieved, it just keeps going and going and going…sorta like the Energizer bunny! You and your MLM could do the same thing…it’s called putting your business on Autopilot!

Speaking of Viral Marketing…Ever Heard Of Linkedin?

Linkedin, a Business Social Network, has also experienced massive viral growth. With 20 million subscribers and adding 1.3 million new subscribers each month, Linkedin will end 2009 with somewhere around 29 million subscribers! What will your business look like at the end of the year? Now, what do you think it would look like if it were to 'viral'? Now that has to conjure up some very cool images, huh?

As with so many Social Media websites out there today, the viral growth of these 3 examples, while huge in numbers, is not unusual! Tons of other Social Media sites are growing in similar fashion and all by way of Viral Marketing! A sort of Digital-Word-Of-Mouth-Marketing phenomenon. So, what’s to stop you and your MLM business from taking advantage of the same type of viral marketing strategies? Answer: “Nothing!”

Is It Possible For You To Grow Your MLM Business Like They Did?

Of course! If you are not already marketing your MLM on the internet using the same Digital-Word-Of-Mouth marketing strategies Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are using, you’re likely leaving some huge commissions to be paid to your competition who are already marketing their business online! Maybe it’s even someone in your own company!

Join An Attraction Marketing System To Teach You Viral Marketing!

Can anyone just get on the internet and create a viral marketing campaign for their MLM business or company? Maybe! But it's likely to cost much more in time and money to create a viral marketing strategy than it would to simply find an Attraction Marketing System that would teach you step-by-step how to create Viral Marketing Campaigns using huge viral networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to create the same type of "Digital Word-Of-Mouth Marketing" for your MLM business as they did to grow their own networks.

Imagine how it would feel if you were among your company’s Top Income Earners, your business was running itself on autopilot and your Attraction Marketing Programs were generating income as well! It’s all hugely possible and you can learn how so in the next one or two clicks of your mouse…

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