Viral Ebook Marketing can be a superb way to create massive levels of unique!


As important as it maybe to have the right content, once an Ebook is drafted out completely, marketing it would be just as vital. The Internet has made cranking out content that much easier for all budding authors. Therefore, it is important that your product stands out from the rest. The tips below will help you master the techniques of marketing Ebooks.
Viral ebook marketing can be a wonderful way to create massive levels of unique and targeted traffic, for more details visit to without doing a lot of the work yourself. Of course, one of the things that is most important is that the ebook you create is something that people would want to give away.
Viral ebook marketing of course is the exercise of giving away or selling an ebook that is designed to continue to be given away or sold by the individuals to whom you gave or sold the ebook, for more details visit to and contains links to your own website or affiliate programs. This allows the book to become viral very quickly, especially if there are affiliate links within the ebook.
Tip 1: Include an element of Exclusivity

As you will see, there are existing Ebooks on practically every imaginable topic. Therefore, it is important that your finished article stands out in some way. You could help it do so by emphasizing elements such as 'One and Only', 'Exclusive', 'Never Before', 'First Time', etc. in the marketing pitch for your Ebook.

Tip 2: Emphasize the Benefits

With millions of Ebooks looking to be suitors for your customer's dollars, they really want to know how your Ebook would really benefit them. So be upfront and emphatic on this front. Also emphasize upon the fact that no other product would give them the same benefits.

Tip 3: Provide Testimonials

Every existing customer is a potential means to acquiring additional customers. So, in your product, do amass the positive feedback garnered from previous customers and other readers of your content. Obtain their quotes on how the Ebook benefited them, and highlight those quotations.

Tip 4: Link up Your Ebooks

If you are an author of multiple products, it could do you well to link them up from within each Ebook. You could do so in the form of hyperlinks within the textual content of the Ebooks or separately. With multiple products to your name, your own credentials would be uplifted significantly.

So, follow the tried and tested tips on marketing Ebooks listed above, and see how they fly off the virtual shelves of your store!

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