Video marketing assists in gaining website exposure

By: Dalton Smith

It pays to advertise. Even the massive benchmark names still spend millions on their marketing and advertising campaigns. Car manufacturers for example, spend inordinate amounts creating a brand name for their car and then advertising within that group, be they 4 seater economy models, sporty open top tourers, 4x4s and SUVs or normal family seadans. And why is so much spent? For the simple reason that it was found that if they stopped their sales started slipping.

A marketing strategy is a complete campaign on its own. One has to position the image of the company, like the car manufacturers or beer brewing companies do. Then within that position a full effort is made to get the message across using as many of the various media as one can and within one's budget.

The big companies use TV advertising, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines to deliver their marketing message. For the average website owner this would be inappropriate. So how does a website get its name around?

An expensive gamble is to use the so called 'ad-words, pay per click' method. Get it right and it is effective but there are huge gambles involved. One has to create the ad-words in such a manner that any person looking for a pink widget no bigger than a matchbox will automatically find your website name in the sponsored results as having matchbox sized pink widgets. They will then click through to you and you will make a sale paying the fee you agreed to the search engine for that click. However what could happen is that you get 100 clicks and only one sale and so the sale you make is a net loss because you have to pay for those 99 unproductive clicks as well.

The next method is to use the SEO services. Part of these is the writing and publishing of informative articles relating to your website in a number of online journals (such as Ezine) which have links to your website. This white hat activity fulfils the requirements of search engines in that they include links, new content and activity. To keep your page ranking high one has to have all of these bases covered.

There are other tricks and tweaks, for example press releases published through Press release agencies with high page rankings, the listing of your website on directories which act like the Yellow Pages and so on. But a new and effective method of gaining viewers is video marketing

Anyone in the world of advertising and marketing will confirm that a moving picture with a narrative is the most effective of all media. TV advertising commands massive revenues because, in a short burst of 20 or 30 seconds it conveys a story that stays with the viewer.

The same is true of websites. Many websites embed videos on their pages which enable the viewer to rapidly gain info without having to read. We go a step further. We advertise your website with video on numerous YouTube like sites. It delivers a quick message about your website to the viewers and improves your exposure. We combine it with your keywords.

We can create a video for you or you can submit your own which should be not much longer that a 60 second informative story.

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