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The online video revolution is HERE...

Catch the most important marketing wave on line since the email. A tread that is already generating millions of dollars of sales and revenue

Everyone has heard about the Online Social Networking craze, such as Face Book or MySpace which has 176 million users and now the 18th most visited web site in the world.

The rise is attributed to the explosion in social Networking Sites and communication phenomena such as email and instant messaging Just like television took over in the 1950s, online video is "exploding" in popularity as you read this.

In a sense, what we are now witnessing online is what happened offline for centuries. Groups of like-minded people are getting together, chatting, swapping information, passing on useful ideas and products and having a good old gossip.

With the interconnectivity offered by many web sites nowadays you can achieve all this interactivity in the comfort of your own home

But for those people trying to earn money online, it's good to understand the fact that there is this essential human need for people to interconnect when online. If your business web site doesn't have any means of interconnection, you are less likely to attract the modern Internet user, who sees interaction as fundamental. No longer can your business rely on an email address or a "contact us" form.

Is streaming video an effective marketing tool? - Video Marketing in 2007 is going to be like the Article Marketing Boom of 2004/2005.only much bigger If you were around when article sites really started to take off, you might notice the similarities with the vide sharing sites coming on line almost every day. Someday they will be more Video directories that article directories.

Don't underestimate the power of video. It can bring your website and your business to whole new level. Video on line is already revolutionizing how people sell on line.

On Line Video Tutorials, with tips for marketing your home streaming video, have been with us for a while, but you should get ahead of the curve if you want to start understanding video marketing for the web and how it can be used to drive serious traffic to your website

Video ads grab your visitors' attention more effectively than a text headline ever could. A video ad will make a slightly-interested visitor into a much more interested visitor.

Two Main Benefits for using Network Marketing Videos to consider are

1) Videos are faster to create than digital products – You can create 3 or 4 videos quicker than writing a 50 page an e-book

2) Higher perceived Value - People will pay more for Multi Media and Audio Products and therefore greater profits potential

You see, a video ad is like a TV commercial for your product, service, or company - but instead of the viewer having to type in your website or calling you, you have a sales letter and an "Order Now" button right there on the page they are already on!

For some the thought of producing a video and the technology involved can seem quite intimidating at first. However, producing creating marketing graphics video does not have to be complicated or expensive.

You don’t even need a camcorder You can create a Video with you Web Cam, Digital camera, Personal Photo Album, or Windows Power Point

There are plenty of inexpensive or free editing software such as Microsoft Windows XP Movie Maker 2 and Movie Make 2.6 for Vista, included in their service pack 2, that offer a collection of sound effects, music, titles, video titles etc. Plus YouTube have their own Tutorials about creating videos.

You will also find instruction videos on YouTube produced by users, that cover video creation, editing, lighting, adding music, all for free

Today we can create video almost anywhere. We aren't confined to using a TV studio, edit lab, or even our own den. With the barest of tools we can create meaningful video from wherever we find ourselves, be it on special occasions with family and friends, on vacation, or more important if you are an Internet Marketing…promoting your product !!

Don’t get left behind. You can harness the awesome power of Social Networking Sites to Market you product with Video. YouTube serves up over 200 million video clips per day? People are flocking to online video sites in droves, and they are watching so many videos, that even network television is worried that they'll become obsolete.

It's so wonderful because at the time of writing only a few movers and shakers really know how to use it as a promotional method. For more free information on video marketing and creating your own videos visit the September edition of the Wealthbuilder-Bulletinboard

While the most popular site at the moment maybe YouTube, it is not the only player in the game Once you have created your video you can upload it to dozens of video sites such as Online Giants, google video, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, MySpace, AOL, to name a few.

Can you begin to understand the power of Internet Video Marketing ?

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