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When was the final time you saw a Bollywood comedy that made you chuckle and smile for 2 hours? When was the last time you saw a funny film that you simply wished wouldn't end? When the last time you saw a film where every actor inside a big or small role simply sparkled on display?

"Vicky Donor" is original and thoroughly engaging. It enables you to feel blessed and blissed.

How good it feels to view a director pick up a pertinent issue and convert it right into a perky precocious and endearing rom-com which is much less rom and, ahem, a whole lot of ejaculate. Indeed "Vicky Donor" is suffused with delectable positive factors, not the least of them being debutant Ayushmann Khurana who appears to be born to play Vicky theer donor.

Ayushmann-God bless his spontaneity-has formidable competition within the acting department from Kamlesh Gill and Dolly Ahluwalia that play his grandmom and mom, and from the redoubtable Anu Kapoor who since the sperm doctor, adds so much to his role and also to the film you wonder why he isn't seen more regularly in our films.

Each character is written with a keenness for details that go quite a distance in giving them a life beyond the digital camera.

Delhi, done to death in film after movie, re-awakens in "Vicky Donor". Kamaljeet Negi's cinematography makes no overt make an effort to explore the city through the topography. Sircar's splendid direction takes us to the heart of Delhi. The people, their homes and specially their spoken language come to life in ways that cinema has ceased to offer recently.

I'd give the film the thumbs-up for the actual sheer exuberance joy and conversational authenticity expressed within the spoken words. Writer Juhi Chaturvedi is a valued find.

And cherish this film's ability to turn the topic of sperm donation into a joyous celebration of existence. There are no dull moments in the narration. No character walks by in Sircar's Delhi simply for the heck of it. There are no incidental figures. Even the guy on the road who calls out the key lady's name on Vicky's behalf is there because he is one of the film's perfect-fitted jigsaw design depicting domesticity and adversity within the competitive city.

Never in living memory have I seen a film where every character comes alive being an individual. If Dr Malpani(Anu Kapoor) is very a character, so is his assistant Chaman(Bupesh Pandya) as well as his nurse Lata(K. V Rajni). If Ayushman's Vicky is really a scenestealer, so is his romantic lead, the lovely Yami Gautam who being an independent working girl from a Bengali family provides a disarming grace to her character.

"Vicky Donor" is a precious and important thing of beauty. It negotiates an unusual theme with the least quantity of fuss and the maximum warmth and vigour. The scenes are woven with seamless serenity into each other. Like life, the film is not only regarding laughter. The heartbreaking moment where Ayushmann holds their sleeping mother's hand defines the undercurrent of somberness which life in Delhi constantly secretes.

Scratch the area, and the pain under the bravura display of flamboyance and gaiety involves the surface.

"Vicky Donor" gets that urbane mix of the light-hearted jaunty mood at the very top and the agony beneath, with pitch-perfect accuracy. The act of attempting a film on a sticky topic like sperm donation suggests a dry staccato remedy. Pulling away from the pitfalls of pontification as well as self-importance, "Vicky Donor" simply takes us on a carefree joyride in which the blend of pain and pleasure is never forced to the narrative. It just happens.

In a film business saturated with slapstick double-meaning comedy, Shoojit Sircar has conceived a comedy on spicy the industry not a spicy comedy. No small achievement this particular.

Large-hearted and generously endowed with moments that you remove with you from the film even as John Abraham occurs screen for an irrelevant song and dance product, "Vicky Donor" is the surprise entertainer of the entire year. It is the warmest, funniest most sensible and sparkling comedy in many years. In Shoojit Sircar's vision every single actor shines having a glorious naturalness. Ayushmann is effortlessly the discovery from the year.

As for the film, in Anu Kapoor phrases, there are impatient sperms, angry sperms, stupid sperms. Seen in those terms this film is quite a fertile good article which says a lot more about life than we expect from this.

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